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Come and get checked out for mouth cancer

The Scots have a terrible reputation for being unhealthy, and while this is not as true as it used to be, we do love a wee dram (or several), and we are not as fond of fruit and veg as we used to be. Fewer of us smoke than in the past, but there are still enough of us at it, and most of us could do with losing a bit of weight. It’s just life in Glasgow in the 21st Century right? Well, yes, but it’s not having a good effect on our mouths.

Mouth Cancer Screening in GlasgowYou may be more worried about lung cancer or bowel cancer, but if you are over 35, you should be getting a mouth cancer screening in Glasgow once every 12 months. Sounds a bit dramatic? Well, the statistics are dramatic. Mouth cancer is the 6th most common kind of cancer worldwide.  Around 6,800 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer each year in the UK, which is about 2% of all cancers diagnosed.

There are direct links between mouth and throat cancers and lifestyle. If you are a smoker, if you drink alcohol regularly, if you don’t eat much fresh fruit and veg, if you are overweight, then you are more likely to develop mouth cancers.

At Dental FX, we can carry out a mouth cancer screening in Glasgow along with one of your bi-yearly check-ups. It won’t take long. All we do is have a good look round inside your mouth, using a mirror to check your tongue and underneath it, at the back of your throat, around your gums and palate and inside your cheeks. Once we’ve done that we will also use our hands to feel into your neck and throat to check for any lumps there.

Mouth cancer usually shows up as lumps and bumps that won’t heal, but it could also be what’s behind a suddenly hoarse voice or a tingly lip. We will ask you if you have notice anything unusual recently.

If we do find something, don’t panic. In its early stages, mouth cancer is pretty easy to treat. Any lumps can be cut out and analysed.

Oral health reassurance

The link between smoking and cancer has been clear for many years. The recent changes to tobacco packaging are the latest attempt to reduce the number of people who take up this life-threatening habit. You may have seen the photographs, on some cigarette packets, of the potential effects of mouth cancer. Pictures like these are not easy to look at. They’re intended to deter people from carcinogenic substances, but they can also cause worries for people who’ve long since given up smoking, or even people who’ve never smoked at all. In Glasgow, mouth cancer screening is offered by dentists as a way to provide professional scrutiny of your at-risk oral tissues.

Mouth Cancer Screening in GlasgowA proper look at your condition

Maintaining good oral health is a key part of your overall wellbeing. At Dental FX, we can give you up-to-date information and contemporary advice, which will help you to keep your mouth in a healthy condition. This will reduce the overall risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. If you’re trying to quit smoking, we can provide support and information to encourage you towards your goal. The condition of your teeth and mouth will greatly improve very soon after your last cigarette. Our friendly professionals are trained to spot the early signs of unwanted developments that may indicate mouth cancer, and will speedily refer you to the appropriate medical services if further investigations are needed.

A healthy life

Life can be difficult when the function of your mouth is impaired. You may know this at some level yourself, if you’ve experienced toothache, or if you’ve had to cope with the numbness that can linger after receiving a local anaesthetic. We want all of our patients to be free from oral difficulties, so they can enjoy life without the inconvenience of problems in the mouth. Our mouth cancer screening service provides regular reassurance to patients. By allowing us to pay attention to your teeth and the tissues that surround them, you take care of your future oral health. Screening for mouth cancer ensures that any potentially serious problems are detected at an early stage.