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Wear and tear repaired

When you think about the amount of action our teeth see over a lifetime, it’s not surprising that every now and then they get chipped, or as you get older they start to look a bit worn around the edges.

The thing is that every bit that goes missing in action, maybe from biting down on a something hard like an olive stone, or from accidents like losing a corner of a tooth from a squash ball in the face or another sporting injury, weakens your teeth. Worn and chipped teeth can also make you very self-conscious about your smile, sometimes to the point of not wanting to smile at all.

 Repair worn and chipped teeth in GlasgowIf you have weakened a tooth by chipping it, it’s important to get it fixed. If you leave it chipped, it can lead to more serious problems in the future, with decay and further structural damage.

Come to Dental FX in Glasgow and let us find a way to repair worn and chipped teeth that are letting you down.

Back teeth

Sometimes the easiest way to fix a chipped back tooth is with white composite filling. Made of plastic and glass, composite is more durable than it used to be, plus it can be shaped once it has been cured, which means you get the shape of your tooth back, along with the colour.

Veneers and composite bonding

These are 2 cover-over treatments for chipped and worn teeth. Veneers are porcelain sheaths that are fixed over the fronts of the teeth. They can last for at least 10 years if you look after them well. Composite bonding is sculpted over the teeth. Both work really well on the front teeth, where looks really matter.


If you have got a lot of damage that is really weakening your teeth, you might need to cover it over entirely with a crown. This is a great way to hang onto teeth that have healthy roots but are in danger of collapse because the upper part is so damaged. Modern crowns are usually made of dental porcelain.

Why not let us take a look at your damaged teeth, and together we can work out a plan to make them look great again?

Why repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow?

Our teeth are tools that we have for a lifetime. That means that they get used many times a day, every day. Without them, life is less enjoyable and substantially more difficult. They are essential for positive life experiences like eating well and smiling. Looking after your teeth is a gift that you give yourself. Even with the best care, however, it’s possible for your teeth to become worn and chipped. That’s why we offer services that repair teeth at Dental FX in Glasgow.

repair worn and chipped teeth in GlasgowIt’s quite common for patients to feel a bit embarrassed about the state of their teeth. Many people feel a level of guilt about the care they have taken of their teeth. At Dental FX, we want to assure you that you will not be judged and that it is never too late to take action to care for your oral hygiene. There are so many modern dental procedures that we can offer you to support a renewed commitment to your smile.

What treatments do we offer?

It goes without saying that, as damage to your teeth worsens, you need more extensive treatment to sort it out. That’s why it is best to see us as soon as possible if you think there might be a problem with your teeth. Ideally, we’d like to see you at Dental FX once every six months so that we address problems before they become serious.

When you do visit us, we may be able to offer you one of the following treatments:

  • Clean and polish – if there is no damage, we can use this preventive measure to help create an environment where something is less likely to happen with your teeth;
  • Filling – mild to moderate damage can be addressed using a filling. We offer tooth-coloured repairs so that they blend in with your teeth;
  • Crown – more extensive damage might require the application of a crown. This involves putting a cap over the whole of your tooth after removing any decayed material. This prevents further damage and allows you to use the tooth normally again;

Tooth replacement – this is the most extreme treatment we offer patients and we do all we can to prevent you getting to this stage.

How old do your teeth look?

It’s fair to say that most of us care about how we look. We live in an image-conscious society, where how we look can sometimes be as important as what we can do. Part of looking good is looking as youthful as possible – 50 is the new 35, 60 the new 40 and so on.

People can spend a lot of money on clothes and hair and keeping fit, but there are a few parts of the body that can give away our real age, and one of those is our teeth.

Worn and Chipped Teeth in GlasgowWhat happens to your teeth over the years?

Thanks to the advances in dentistry in the past few decades, it is now not impossible for people to retain all their teeth into their 50s, 60s and beyond. Yes, you may still have all your teeth, but they are now several decades old and will have seen quite bit of action. All that biting and chewing will have had an impact on your teeth. Remember when they first came through when you were a kid, how your 2 front top teeth almost had little ridges along the bottom edge and were rounded at the corners?

Teeth can also get worn where we brush them all the time; we call this type of wearing erosion and it can mean that the enamel gets thinner and the yellow dentine below starts to show through, which is why old age is associated with yellower teeth.

Chips are not uncommon in teeth that have been around for a while. Maybe they are signs of a sports injury, or the tooth was chipped when you bit down on something hard like an olive stone.


Whatever the cause, at Dental FX we can repair worn and chipped teeth using tried and tested methods.

If the broken tooth is near the back of your mouth, we can mend it with tooth-coloured composite, the stuff we use for white fillings. If it’s a really big bit that’s broken off, we’d do better to use a crown, as this will also strengthen the tooth.

At the front of your mouth, you might prefer to go for veneers, which are porcelain sheaths that are fixed over the front surfaces of the teeth.

Repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

Wear and tear on our teeth over the years is expected and, sometimes, we can do almost nothing to prevent it. If you have heavily worn or chipped teeth, it is really important to visit your dentist, as they will determine the causes and the treatment. At Dental FX in Glasgow, repairing worn and chipped teeth may include white fillings and composite bonding or porcelain veneers and dental crowns, if the damage is more extensive.

Chipped Teeth in GlasgowWhite fillings and dental bonding

If you have a single chipped tooth or cracked tooth, the result of injury or accident, we offer white fillings and dental bonding. Both are quick, safe and easy ways to repair the problem in just one visit to our practice. White fillings are very discreet because they are tooth-coloured to match the rest of your teeth. Your dentist will drill the affected tooth to remove any decay and smooth the edges before the filling is placed. White fillings are easy to install in one visit because they turn hard in seconds with the use of a special light.

If you have small chips on your teeth, on the other hand, your dentist will use composite bonding to restore their appearance. Using a tooth-coloured composite (made of glass and plastic), your dentist will repair the tooth and shape it to look like it used to originally.


Crowns are ideal when larger pieces of the tooth have broken or chipped. Essentially, crowns are tooth-shaped caps made of porcelain or composite that cover the entire tooth and help protect it from decay and gum disease. The procedure is relatively quick and can be completed from a few days to a couple of weeks. The tooth will need to be prepared before the final placement of the crown and this may require removing part of the tooth enamel.


Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain shells, which are ideal for covering chipped and worn teeth. Your dentist will lightly prepare the tooth by removing a small layer of the enamel and will take impressions, which are sent to the laboratory for your veneer to be made. Once ready, the veneer will be bonded to the front of your teeth with a special glue.

How your dentist can restore your worn or chipped teeth

There are many ways a dentist can improve your smile’s appearance by tackling your chipped or worn teeth. Worn teeth can create an uneven appearance to your smile and can make you look older than you feel, whilst chipped teeth should always prompt a visit to the dentist.

worn-and-chipped-teethTeeth can be easily chipped by accidents and injuries involving the face, even by biting hard foods such as nuts if a tooth is weakened. There are some practical steps you can take to avoid chipping your teeth, including:

  • Always wearing a properly fitted sports mouthguard when playing contact sports or games that involve fast-moving objects, such as hockey, cricket, or rugby.
  • Visiting a dentist or orthodontist to improve the position of protruding front teeth (“buck teeth”) so that they are better protected.
  • Never using your teeth to open bottles, chew pencils, or indeed for anything other than biting and chewing food.
  • Attending regular dental check-ups so that any areas of weakness can be spotted and addressed before an emergency happens.

However, accidents can still happen, and the most important thing to remember is that you should visit your dentist as soon as possible after you chip a tooth. Even a small chip or crack can be enough to let bacteria enter the tooth, which can cause infection.

DentalFX in Glasgow offers a number of treatments for chipped and worn teeth, and the best solution will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The location of the affected tooth
  • The extent of the damage
  • Your overall dental health

Treatment options include:

Fillings and composite bonding

White filling material is now very strong and durable, and should last you for many years. Fillings are a good option for the back teeth, whilst composite bonding is a good option for small chips on the front teeth. The latter option involves using white filling material to seamlessly restore the tooth, and only needs one appointment.


Crowns are used when extra strength is required. Tooth-coloured options are available, and crowns will require two appointments.


Porcelain veneers are a great option to improve the appearance of chipped or worn front teeth, and require two-three visits.