Improve your smile this Mother’s Day with cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow

Wondering what to ask for this Mother’s Day instead of the inevitable box of chocolates and lunch out at the garden centre? How about getting your dearly beloved and the kids to help you improve your smile with some lovely cosmetic dentistry treatments from us at Dental FX in Glasgow?

If you are a mum, this is the day that your wish is their command and you can make the most of it by investing in something that will make everyone happy all year round. When you have cosmetic dentistry treatments, it’s not just you who benefits, but everyone around you also.

Cosmetic Dentistry in GlasgowCosmetic dentistry can boost your self-confidence. When you’re not worrying about discoloured teeth, cracks, chips, twisted teeth or a gummy smile, you can relax and you will find yourself smiling more often and more spontaneously. When you smile a genuine smile, the kind that crinkles you up at the eyes, you release a shot of serotonin, the body’s feel-good chemical. You feel happier. You smile more, your family smiles back at you. Pretty soon, you’ll all be grinning away like Cheshire cats. Everyone benefits when you get cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening

If you’ve been getting through motherhood with regular shots of tea, and coffee and winding down at weekends with a glass of red, then you might well have discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening can remove these stains, in an hour in the dentist’s chair or over a couple of weeks if you carry out the treatment yourself at home.

Veneers and cosmetic bonding

You can cover up imperfections and damage with veneers and cosmetic bonding. Veneers are tiny sheaths of porcelain that we fix onto the front of your teeth. Cosmetic bonding is sculpted over your teeth. Both are used to hide chips, cracks, bad discolouration, worn edges and event mild twists, to make small teeth appear larger. Veneers can last for more than 10 years if you take care of them.

Gummy smiles

We can remove the excess gum tissue that makes your teeth appear too short, by using a laser that seals as it removes, so there is very little bleeding.

What to expect from a visit to the hygienist in Glasgow

Dental hygienists are specially trained dental professionals who provide preventive dental care and cleaning. You are recommended to visit your dental hygienist twice a year if you have good oral hygiene and are not susceptible to gum disease. However, patients facing these problems need to clean their teeth more regularly.

At Dental FX, we recommend patients to visit our hygienists in Glasgow on a regular basis in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Even if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, only your hygienist can clean and inspect your teeth in ways that are impossible to achieve at home.

Visit our Hygienists in GlasgowExamination

The first part of a comprehensive oral treatment at our dental practice involves examining your teeth for gum disease, tooth decay and other oral problems. You will be asked questions regarding your medical history, including if there were childhood or family diseases, social history including smoking or alcohol use, and if there are any medications being taken. Your dentist will also examine your teeth, gums and soft tissue. This will help determine if there are any visible signs of disease and determine the overall health of the teeth. They will also look at the colour of your teeth and evaluate your bite.

Scale and polish

After the initial examination is done, your hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning. Your hygienist will use a mirror and a scaler to remove plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth and around your gum line. This step is an important part of having clean and healthy teeth. Once tartar has built up on your teeth, it can only be removed at the dentist, so brushing and flossing every day will make this step easier next time you visit.

Helpful advice

At our dental practice, our hygienists will also show you how to look after your teeth so that they remain free from plaque in the future. You will be advised on the best tooth brushing techniques and we will also provide tips on flossing and dieting.

Prevention is better than cure

Having regular dental check-ups and cleanings is the key to maintaining dental health and early intervention. To book an appointment, contact us today.

Will your smile be your style overhaul?

Some people think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds on fashion items, wear them once or twice and then send them to the charity shop. Some even willingly go into debt to never be seen in the same clothes twice. But, with hardly anyone getting a pay rise in years now while expenses increase, maybe it’s time to go for longer-lasting style improvements. Maybe it’s time to get a new smile. In Glasgow, you can transform your smile with treatments ranging from something as simple as in-house teeth whitening to multi-treatment smile makeovers.

As most treatments have long-lasting results, many dentists offer finance plans for cosmetic dentistry. In Glasgow at Dental FX, you can get free or low-interest finance over 12–36 months on treatments costing over £350.

Get a New Smile in GlasgowFiguring out what you want

If you want to get a new smile, you may know exactly what needs doing, just a chip mending perhaps. Or you may just know that things could be so much better, but are not sure where to start. That’s where what we call the smile makeover comes in. It’s a great way to get a treatment package that is focussed on giving you the smile you have always dreamed of.

We start off with a thorough consultation, taking a good look at your mouth and make suggestions for ways to get your desired look. We work in collaboration and do not start treatment until you are happy with the written treatment plan, including costs, appointments and order of treatment, we send to you.

Your smile makeover might include

  • covering discoloured, chipped, cracked, worn or misaligned teeth with porcelain veneers;
  • replacing old amalgam fillings or filling new cavities with white fillings;
  • realigning wonky teeth with fixed, removable almost invisible braces;
  • balancing the ratio of tooth to gum with gum contouring;
  • replacing lost teeth with cosmetic dentures or dental implants.

Great physical and social benefits

  • Easier cleaning means long-lasting teeth;
  • A straighter bite can reduce tension pain the jaw joint and even reduce headaches;
  • Smiling a lot means more natural feel-good chemicals such as beta-endorphin and serotonin.

You can have all of this for the price of a few new wardrobes. Got to be worth it!

Healthy teeth and happy smiles

We are pleased to welcome patients to Dental FX, a well-established practice that offers general dentistry in Glasgow. We all know that a healthy mouth requires regular care and attention, but the state of your teeth and gums are intrinsically linked to your appearance as well as more general health.

A good programme of dental maintenance gives you a smile to enjoy as well. You can rest assured that we are committed to every aspect of your oral care. We carefully monitor for early signs of decay and any other problems, as prompt detection of decay, cavities and other issues usually means that treatment is easier and more effective. Gum health is also critical so we watch for signs of disease such as redness, swelling or bleeding.

General Dentistry in GlasgowComprehensive care

Looking after your dental health goes beyond your teeth and gums so we also examine your head and neck. Enlarged or tender glands or lymph nodes can indicate infection or disease, and it is usually dentists who spot problems such as mouth cancers. We use a variety of techniques including x-rays and impressions to ensure that we are providing a complete examination. As well as regular dental services, we also offer cosmetic work to ensure that your smile is beautiful. We can straighten crooked teeth to improve an ineffective bite and also enhance your appearance. For patients with discoloured, damaged or missing teeth, there is a range of corrective procedures, and we can provide replacement teeth where necessary.

Fitting into your lifestyle

Many of our patients are busy. We offer early evening appointments so that it is more convenient for you to have check-ups and treatment. We accept NHS and private patients of all ages and aim to provide good value for money. Private patients wishing to spread the cost of more expensive procedures can choose from 0% interest loans, or loans with interest, which are repayable over a longer period. We are proud of the services we offer and are respected by other dentists who send patients to us on a referral basis.

Make a long-term investment in your health and appearance and join the hundreds of patients who trust us as their dentist.

Oral health reassurance

The link between smoking and cancer has been clear for many years. The recent changes to tobacco packaging are the latest attempt to reduce the number of people who take up this life-threatening habit. You may have seen the photographs, on some cigarette packets, of the potential effects of mouth cancer. Pictures like these are not easy to look at. They’re intended to deter people from carcinogenic substances, but they can also cause worries for people who’ve long since given up smoking, or even people who’ve never smoked at all. In Glasgow, mouth cancer screening is offered by dentists as a way to provide professional scrutiny of your at-risk oral tissues.

Mouth Cancer Screening in GlasgowA proper look at your condition

Maintaining good oral health is a key part of your overall wellbeing. At Dental FX, we can give you up-to-date information and contemporary advice, which will help you to keep your mouth in a healthy condition. This will reduce the overall risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. If you’re trying to quit smoking, we can provide support and information to encourage you towards your goal. The condition of your teeth and mouth will greatly improve very soon after your last cigarette. Our friendly professionals are trained to spot the early signs of unwanted developments that may indicate mouth cancer, and will speedily refer you to the appropriate medical services if further investigations are needed.

A healthy life

Life can be difficult when the function of your mouth is impaired. You may know this at some level yourself, if you’ve experienced toothache, or if you’ve had to cope with the numbness that can linger after receiving a local anaesthetic. We want all of our patients to be free from oral difficulties, so they can enjoy life without the inconvenience of problems in the mouth. Our mouth cancer screening service provides regular reassurance to patients. By allowing us to pay attention to your teeth and the tissues that surround them, you take care of your future oral health. Screening for mouth cancer ensures that any potentially serious problems are detected at an early stage.

Join the implant revolution

One of the things that people dread about getting older is bits of their bodies stopping working. Most of us imagine that by the time we are pensioners, we will no longer be the proud owners of a full set of natural teeth. Teeth can go missing at any age. When we are young, they tend to get knocked out in sports accidents or mucking about at school. Children even lose teeth to decay from eating and drinking too much sugar.

As we get older teeth can crumble away due to decay, or being ground down at night, or through gum disease. Whatever the reason, the more teeth we lose, the harder it becomes to bite and chew our food sufficiently well to get maximum nutrition from it. Also, gaps look awful, especially if it’s the front teeth that are missing.

Replace Missing Teeth in GlasgowThank goodness then, that there is now a fabulous way to replace missing teeth. A way that replaces the whole tooth, root and crown, creating a powerful and stable chewing base that can last for the rest of your life. We are talking about dental implants.

The basics of dental implants

At Dental FX in Glasgow, dental implants are fast becoming our patients’ first choice for replacing missing teeth. This is because only dental implants can give them back the full functionality of their lost teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth, or up to three in a row on one implant, or a whole arch of teeth on several implants. They can even be used to stabilise dentures if patients have less money to invest in a whole set of implants.

Dental implants are made of titanium. They are inserted into channels drilled into the jawbone. The titanium stimulates the growth of new bone tissue and the two mesh together over several weeks of healing to create an artificial tooth root that can withstand multidirectional chewing forces of up to 97kg or 200lbs.

The crowns, which are screwed onto the implants, are made from porcelain colour-matched, shaped, and sized to blend in with the original teeth. They stay in then for the rest of your life.

New Service at Dental fx from Dr Nahida Roy

Dr Nahida Roy

Do your teeth stop you from smiling?
Do you want straight teeth and a perfect smile…quickly?
Do you want an affordable option to straighten your teeth?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above then we may have the answer you’ve been looking for.


What is QST?

Quick Straight teeth (or QST for short) uses fixed or removable clear braces to align your front teeth


What can QST do for me?

Using QST clear braces we can correct misaligned teeth, gummy smiles and many other common dental issues that people have


How long does it take?

Usually three to nine months


What are the benefits of QST?

Affordable option to full orthodontics

Treatment carried out in-house so no need to attend another practice

Fixed and removable appliances are almost invisible

Comfortable to wear


Example of before and after using QST

Before After Using QST





This outcome was achieved in 6 months

For further information call us today on 0141 931 5533

How old do your teeth look?

It’s fair to say that most of us care about how we look. We live in an image-conscious society, where how we look can sometimes be as important as what we can do. Part of looking good is looking as youthful as possible – 50 is the new 35, 60 the new 40 and so on.

People can spend a lot of money on clothes and hair and keeping fit, but there are a few parts of the body that can give away our real age, and one of those is our teeth.

Worn and Chipped Teeth in GlasgowWhat happens to your teeth over the years?

Thanks to the advances in dentistry in the past few decades, it is now not impossible for people to retain all their teeth into their 50s, 60s and beyond. Yes, you may still have all your teeth, but they are now several decades old and will have seen quite bit of action. All that biting and chewing will have had an impact on your teeth. Remember when they first came through when you were a kid, how your 2 front top teeth almost had little ridges along the bottom edge and were rounded at the corners?

Teeth can also get worn where we brush them all the time; we call this type of wearing erosion and it can mean that the enamel gets thinner and the yellow dentine below starts to show through, which is why old age is associated with yellower teeth.

Chips are not uncommon in teeth that have been around for a while. Maybe they are signs of a sports injury, or the tooth was chipped when you bit down on something hard like an olive stone.


Whatever the cause, at Dental FX we can repair worn and chipped teeth using tried and tested methods.

If the broken tooth is near the back of your mouth, we can mend it with tooth-coloured composite, the stuff we use for white fillings. If it’s a really big bit that’s broken off, we’d do better to use a crown, as this will also strengthen the tooth.

At the front of your mouth, you might prefer to go for veneers, which are porcelain sheaths that are fixed over the front surfaces of the teeth.

Caring for children’s teeth in Glasgow

Good oral hygiene habits are acquired over time. Caring for children’s teeth is an important part of keeping their bodies healthy and it’s never too early to get started. Ideally, children should visit the dentist as soon as their first teeth erupt and that’s because healthy baby teeth set the stage for strong permanent teeth.

At Dental FX, we are passionate about preventive dentistry and we love receiving young patients to our practice. Looking after children’s teeth in Glasgow is what we do well and we have a dedicated children’s area in our practice, where children can relax while waiting to see the dentist. Dr Nahida Roy, has a friendly and relaxed manner and being a mother of two herself, she knows how important it is to take good care of children’s teeth and gums. If a child seems to be at risk for cavities or other problems, we recommend fluoride applications or dental sealants.

Childrens Dentistry in GlasgowFluoride applications

Dental fluoride treatment is one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay and prevent good oral health in children. Fluoride plays an important role in preventing tooth decay, which is why you can find it in most toothpastes and added to drinking water in some regions. Studies have shown that fluoride applications at the dentist are both safe and effective in decreasing cavities and preventing tooth decay. Fluoride acts as a shield against acid attacks caused by sugars and plaque bacteria and can be beneficial in controlled doses administered by an experienced dentist.

Dental sealants

Just like fluoride, dental sealants are also effective at keeping plaque bacteria at bay. Although brushing and flossing can remove food particles and plaque effectively, they cannot always reach the back teeth to remove the food and plaque. Sealants protect these hard-to-reach teeth (usually the molars) from tooth decay by keeping out plaque and harmful bacteria.

Children are good candidates for dental sealants, because they are at higher risk of developing decay. Typically, children should have sealants on their permanent molars and premolars as soon as these teeth erupt. This way, dental sealants can protect teeth through the ages 6 to 14, when cavities are more likely form.

Repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

Wear and tear on our teeth over the years is expected and, sometimes, we can do almost nothing to prevent it. If you have heavily worn or chipped teeth, it is really important to visit your dentist, as they will determine the causes and the treatment. At Dental FX in Glasgow, repairing worn and chipped teeth may include white fillings and composite bonding or porcelain veneers and dental crowns, if the damage is more extensive.

Chipped Teeth in GlasgowWhite fillings and dental bonding

If you have a single chipped tooth or cracked tooth, the result of injury or accident, we offer white fillings and dental bonding. Both are quick, safe and easy ways to repair the problem in just one visit to our practice. White fillings are very discreet because they are tooth-coloured to match the rest of your teeth. Your dentist will drill the affected tooth to remove any decay and smooth the edges before the filling is placed. White fillings are easy to install in one visit because they turn hard in seconds with the use of a special light.

If you have small chips on your teeth, on the other hand, your dentist will use composite bonding to restore their appearance. Using a tooth-coloured composite (made of glass and plastic), your dentist will repair the tooth and shape it to look like it used to originally.


Crowns are ideal when larger pieces of the tooth have broken or chipped. Essentially, crowns are tooth-shaped caps made of porcelain or composite that cover the entire tooth and help protect it from decay and gum disease. The procedure is relatively quick and can be completed from a few days to a couple of weeks. The tooth will need to be prepared before the final placement of the crown and this may require removing part of the tooth enamel.


Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain shells, which are ideal for covering chipped and worn teeth. Your dentist will lightly prepare the tooth by removing a small layer of the enamel and will take impressions, which are sent to the laboratory for your veneer to be made. Once ready, the veneer will be bonded to the front of your teeth with a special glue.