Having a mouth cancer screening during your regular check-up appointment

Although we would all like to believe that our bodies are invincible and our health is on top form, it is always important to have checks in order to keep this the case and prevent missing potential damage to our bodies, both naturally and due to lack of care.

One of the key processes carried out in our dental practice is the process of mouth cancer screening Glasgow. This simple check during your appointment can help detect and reduce the impact of the cancer as quickly and efficiently as possible, which can be of huge importance.

HIgh risk patients

Whilst we all have habits which can negatively impact our health and day-to-day life, those who smoke are often more prone to cancers such as oral carcinoma. Luckily, although any form of cancer is difficult to understand, this particular form can often be relatively easy to recover from and also easy to operate on should that particular solution be needed. Now whilst that may all sound simple, early detection with any form of cancer is one of the biggest factors in both prognosis and recovery which is why mouth cancer screening Glasgow has become a standard procedure during your regular check-ups with us.

Keeping us in the loop

Although there are often many tell-tale signs of smoking from the smell on clothes, to the stains on teeth or odour to the breath, it is highly important to be honest with your dental team and continue to keep them in the loop should you smoke or take up other hobbies which may affect your oral health. Although our dental team can only advise you on the potential side effects of smoking, by keeping us all in the loop at Dental FX we are able to ensure that close inspections are kept a regular occurrence within your appointments due to the higher risk of cancer.

Ignoring the consistent mouth ulcer

In the past, misdiagnosis of tumours within the mouth has occurred and what may have been diagnosed as a persistent ulcer has actually had something a little more sinister occurring. Luckily, with advances in knowledge surrounding overall oral health, these alterations to the mouth, no matter how small, are investigated further. For instance, should an ulcer not respond to treatment and self-care solutions at home within around 4 weeks then it is important to visit your dental team, so as to resolve the issue and receive any treatment which may be required. Suffering at home is unnecessary when we are at hand to help with a solution, whether it be further investigation of the problem with mouth cancer screening Glasgow, or to provide an alternative treatment or procedure to the self-care one.

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and help put your mind at ease where possible. Wondering at home what is wrong or suffering from pain that a painkiller won’t resolve is unnecessary when your dental team is here to support, guide and discover the root cause of the issue.

Why it is important to repair worn and chipped teeth

Dental enamel is widely acclaimed to be the hardest mineralized tissue found in the body, and yet, the robustness of sturdy materials have their limits when subjected to excessive external forces. The impact of a blow to the face can not only knock out a tooth from its socket but also result in damaged teeth.

The most obvious negative consequence of teeth that are worn, chipped or cracked is that they are unsightly. But the danger does not stop there – there are also valid oral health concerns that need to be considered, which is why we encourage patients to seek appropriate dental care to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow.

At Dental FX, we offer a range of treatments dedicated to helping patients repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow so that they benefit from stronger teeth, improve the appearance of their smiles and reduce the likelihood of bad oral bacteria reaching sensitive parts of their tooth structures.

Treatment plans to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow can consist of fillings and dental bonding to dental crowns and veneers. We take a closer look at what these types of treatment plans involve and the benefits they offer.

Treatment types to repair worn and chipped teeth

Small chips in teeth can be effectively treated with fillings and dental bonding. Our experienced dental practitioner can match the colour of the composite material to be used as filling for the rest of the patient’s teeth so that it is less noticeable when teeth are exposed.

These fillings are more suitable when chips are found in teeth positioned at the back of the mouth. Our dentist will first clear out any decay present and smooth out rough edges before proceeding to fill in the chip. Filling chips in the enamel is a safe and quick procedure that can be accommodated within a single visit.

Dental bonding may better suit chips in teeth positioned at the front of the dental arch. Once again, a tooth-coloured composite can be used in this process to make the treatment less obvious to other people. A gel will be applied to the site of treatment, after which our dental practitioner will apply an adhesive followed by the bonding material. This substance will then be skillfully manipulated to resemble a natural tooth, and ultraviolet light will be used to harden the material. Like fillings, the dental bonding procedure can also be completed in one visit to our dental clinic.

For larger cracks in the enamel, a dental crown (also referred to as a cap) may be more suitable. These caps, made from composite material, metal or porcelain, can fit snugly over the affected tooth, hiding imperfections and boosting tooth strength.

Another option patients can look at to repair their teeth are veneers. Veneers, often used to hide blemishes of teeth at the front of the dental arch, are wafer-thin coverings made from either porcelain or composite resin material that cover the entire surface of the tooth.

For a dental clinic offering modern treatment plans to restore patients’ smiles, choose Dental FX. For more information on how we can help you to achieve a beautiful smile, reach out to our front desk team and set up an appointment.

Take control over your smile and let us repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

Get your smile back

Here at Dental FX, it is our mission to help all our patients find their true smile, and the confidence needed to use it. Anyone looking to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow can rely on us fully to provide a comprehensive, restorative dental treatment that is unique and tailored to each and every patient’s needs.

We understand that all smiles are unique, which is why we always adopt a bespoke approach to those looking to restore the aesthetics of their smiles.

Why repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow?

Besides the self-evident cosmetic disadvantages of having worn-down or chipped teeth, there are also numerous other long-term health problems which those who need to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow may suffer from.

Your teeth are largely made up of enamel – which is actually the strongest naturally occurring material in our bodies.

However, despite being made from dense and tough material, your teeth can chip for a number of reasons – be it accident or trauma, or just general wear – and if this happens you should waste no time in seeking out help from our experts here at Dental FX.

Even if you have the smallest chip or crack in your tooth this can lead to serious dental problems such as decay or abscesses, as bacteria can slip into the newly formed crack and quickly develop into an infection. If this happens then more extensive dental treatments are often required which take far longer to administer than a simple restoration.

What sort of treatment for chipped or worn teeth is available?

As with all things dental, everyone is different and the treatment which any patient receives for worn down or chipped teeth will largely vary, depending on the extent of the damage or the condition of their smile.

For this reason, we always advise those who require dental repairs for damaged teeth to visit our practice for an initial examination to allow our experts to determine the extent of treatment you require.

If you have only a small chip in your teeth, we can often fix this in just one sitting by using a dental filling or tooth-coloured composite. However, if you have a large portion of tooth missing, it may require more extensive treatment to get your smile back in shape – such as a dental crown or veneers.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are often used on patients who have lost a larger portion of their tooth or if their tooth is decayed, and acts as a cover that is attached over their tooth to give it a better aesthetic – and restore its functionality and strength.

At Dental FX we provide our patients with a choice of material for their crowns – including metal (which is the strongest) or porcelain.

Often metallic crowns are best used if the chip is at the back of a patient’s mouth, whereas porcelain crowns are favoured for chips at the front, as they look the most natural and unobtrusive.

Because crowns must fit perfectly over a patient’s existing tooth, they must all be custom made and therefore can take up to two weeks to create – although our dentists regularly apply temporary crowns which are to be worn whilst a patient’s permanent one is made.

The long term advantages of looking after children’s teeth

Looking after children’s teeth Glasgow must start at a very young age and the dental advice is for parents to give their babies gums a wipe once a day with a damp cloth even before teeth appear. Apart from cleaning their gums this gets them used to someone attending to the interior of their mouths. Once the first milk teeth arrive normally at about six months old, parents should gently start brushing those teeth with a very soft bristle brush. Brushing the teeth gently for about two minutes at specific times of the day, one of those being before bed at night, establishes a routine. It is recommended to only use children’s toothpaste containing no less than one thousand ppm.

First visit to the dentist

The sooner a child can experience a visit to the dentist the greater the chances of their dental experience being pleasant. A rule of thumb is about six months after the appearance of the first milk teeth. Regular six monthly visits thereafter will eventually become part of the automatic routine as they grow up.

Early dental care prevents later despair

Looking after children’s teeth Glasgow  provides the ideal surroundings for a calm and stress free visit. It takes dedicated staff who are trained at looking after children’s teeth Glasgow to be able to help young patients to feel relaxed in a dental surgery environment. Attending to the dental requirements of children needs a different approach to dealing with adults and for this reason staff are particularly careful of the words they use when talking to children. We understand that no child is born being fearful of the dentist so we need to maintain that positive attitude. It is necessary to instill a home from home type of environment so normally a play area is available for them to relax. Those first visits will mostly be more about meeting the dental staff and having a basic dental examination. Sometimes it is possible to spot problems early, like teeth not growing straight or a jawline that might be slightly misaligned. That is the whole point of introducing children to the dentist early ensuring that as they grow so their teeth and gums will be well maintained.

What do dentists look for when treating children

When young patients are brought to the dentist it is a great opportunity to assess the child’s reaction to the dental environment. Sitting in a chair that moves can be fun but how do they react to the big overhead light and the various bits of equipment. A dentist will probably not even switch on the drill until the fourth or fifth visit. A child’s body language speaks volumes and the dentist will be able to quickly identify if a child is relaxed, agitated or scared. Obviously crying is a huge indicator but shaking and restlessness are all signals that more needs to be done to calm the child.

Creating trust

In many cases a dentist will invite a parent or an older sibling to sit in the dental chair on the first or second visit if the child does not look relaxed enough. There are many ways that the experienced dental team can progress a child patient to a relaxed patient. Encouraging a child to rinse their mouth without having had any treatment helps to promote trust. The most important outcome is that a child patient grows into a comfortable and relaxed adult patient. All a dentist wants to achieve is a community with healthy teeth and gums and starting young is the key.

Teeth Whitening Glasgow, restoring the smile from the effects of everyday life

The impact of daily food and drink consumption

On a daily basis the teeth, mouth and gums go through a rigorous process and that is why it is unsurprising that stains often occur on the surface of the teeth. Whilst at home the oral hygiene process is thought to be enough, after years of potential caffeine or red wine consumption, or after years of bad habits such as smoking have been occurring, it is unsurprising that the teeth become discoloured and stained. Whilst this may seem a merely cosmetic issue, the impact on an individual’s self-esteem can be great and with masks a part of our everyday lives it has become all too easy to hide the smile away.

How to restore and brighten your smile

Teeth Whitening Glasgow can help restore the smile and boost self-confidence to a new level. Whilst many would prefer to not have endless appointments within the dental practice to restore their smile this particular treatment option is carried out predominantly at home, allowing patients to take a certain amount of control over the process.

Whilst there are many over the counter types of whitening products available to the general population, it is of extreme importance that the teeth are checked over before undergoing any treatment. Using toothpaste with an element of bleach in them may sound a cheaper and more simple approach, the surface of the teeth may not be able to handle the process which is why a dental check-up is always encouraged beforehand. Another aspect to consider is that our teeth rarely stain one solid colour across the teeth and it may be that pigmentations occur. Our dental team strives to work with you and your teeth to provide an even and natural-looking colour restoration rather than general bleaching of the teeth to provide a plastic-looking sheen. Our aim is to work with you to restore your dream smile, as the end result needs to please the patient and not others.

What happens during the process?

As with all dental treatments and procedures, it is of the utmost importance that before any are carried out, the process would be suitable for your individual circumstances. A consultation would therefore take place for the first part of the appointment to ensure that the overall health of the teeth, mouth and gums are of an adequate standard. Our aim is to get the treatment working effectively for you from the outset rather than following any trial and error methods that may be gained as a result of a do-it-yourself whitening kit at home.

Once a thorough examination of the overall oral health has taken place, any potential dental issues such as tooth sensitivity or decay will need to be discussed and addressed before undergoing any cosmetic treatment or procedure.

For those wishing to follow the at-home Teeth Whitening Glasgow process, impressions of the teeth will be taken, providing no dental issues hold up the process. Once these are taken a set of dental trays will be created on the same day and provided to you to take home. This enables patients to begin treatment almost immediately which is often the preferred option. Please be aware that as with all dental treatments and procedures there are potential risks. This is why consultations are carried out before any patients undergo treatment and why we encourage all patients to discuss all options in more detail with their local dental team.

Teeth whitening in Glasgow

At Dental FX, we are proud to be a premium provider of Teeth whitening in Glasgow, based in Bearsden, close to the city of the centre. We have several tooth whitening options; these are techniques which are separated into chemical or bleaching and abrasion or friction techniques.  Bleaching techniques chemically alter any staining on the teeth and the enamel, so it makes teeth appear whiter, whereas abrasion techniques involve grinding off any material which may have stained beneath the enamel and a few microns of the top enamel itself, revealing a fresh unstained layer underneath.


Any other patients who are curious about Teeth whitening in Glasgow are given a standard check up before options are discussed.

Bleaching techniques are most appropriate and treat intrinsic staining; intrinsic staining is where the enamel or perhaps even the dentin underneath has had an alteration. This could be due to the build up of food and drink by-products, a genetic condition or from a darkening of a ’dead’ tooth.

Extrinsic staining is caused by material which has firmly attached itself to the enamel. This could be tatar, which is the calcified form of plaque that is significantly darker than your natural enamel.

Not only does the type of staining need to be taken into account when we approach Teeth whitening in Glasgow, but we also need to know the medical history of the patient. If you have a history of sensitive teeth, this can be exacerbated by certain whitening techniques. The thinning of the enamel which has allowed for teeth to become sensitive to temperature would be aggravated by the use of abrasion techniques, which inevitably removes some enamel during the procedure.

If you have a sensitivity to the peroxides which are the active ingredient of the bleaching gels, the chemical bleaching methods may be inappropriate and although all efforts are taken to ensure gels do not come in contact with your gum, if you have an allergy or sensitivity, you may be susceptible to a reaction.

If you are curious in seeking out teeth whitening for either yourself or a family member, we are happy to answer any of your further questions. If you contact the clinic, you will be able to receive advice which is tailored to your needs, rather than speaking broadly and generally in terms which may not be applicable to your medical situation.

There are also options where we can facilitate home teeth whitening techniques, using trays made in our clinic. This allows you to make use of the gradual bleaching that you get from lower concentration home gels but still using a well fitting, personalised bleaching tray. This ensures a more economical use of the gel, by eliminating unnecessary tray filling and reducing the chances of chemical  burns.

Another important aspect to discuss with our dentist is your expectation; would you wish to engage in a teeth whitening regime that has immediate effects, or would you prefer a gradual lightening of your teeth over time in order to have a more natural and seamless change in your appearance?  These are important conversations to have before starting any treatment and we will tailor our approach to match.

Have you heard of Airflow Glasgow?

Airflow Glasgow is an innovative technique that we use to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth as well as stains that have remained with you for several years. The technique is one that we have found to be extremely effective with our patients really enjoying the results. We would be excited for you to be able to enjoy the benefits as well.


If you’re interested in finding out more about this procedure and even having this Airflow Glasgow treatment for your smile, then do get in touch with our dental practice so that we can talk you through the advantages that it offers.

How does it work?

Airflow Glasgow works in a unique way by using compressed air particles, powder particles and water to remove the build-up of stains and discolourations that you may have on your teeth. We use it in a safe way over and across your teeth as well as in areas where plaque may prevail and cause long term damage to your enamel.

Why is it important to keep your teeth clean?

Not only can you enjoy a smile that is more attractive as it is whiter and free from unsightly plaque, but your smile is naturally going to be healthier as well as it is free from damaging bacteria, plaque and tartar.

The leading cause of tooth loss is cavities and the leading cause of cavities is the buildup of plaque. Plaque and tartar damage the enamel on your teeth and slowly eat away at this layer of protection. Once it has gone, you will experience increased sensitivity and will need to undergo restorative treatments to repair the holes that will inevitably appear.

What are some other ways that we can whiten your smile?

This treatment is a beneficial way to whiten your smile that has no potential negative side effects, which can be the case with some of our other solutions. Traditional teeth whitening is a popular option, however, for those people who experience sensitive teeth, it may be uncomfortable because of the use of bleaches and other chemicals to remove stains.

We do also offer veneers as a way to allow you to enjoy that picture-perfect smile, but because this is an expensive and permanent commitment, we do need to ensure that you are fully informed of this treatment before embarking on this solution.

Veneers are thin shells that are glued to the outer surface of your teeth. We can not only alter the appearance of the colour of your teeth, but also the size and shape as well.

Veneers do not actually whiten your teeth, but your smile will look and feel natural and very attractive.

These three options all have their advantages, so it is important to speak with a dentist to determine what option would be best for you so that you can make the most out of your teeth whitening experience. We want to ensure that you are pleased with the results and can enjoy them for as long as possible.

What is Airflow teeth cleaning and polishing?

Time for that annual hygienist visit? Do you find enduring the scrapping of your teeth by your dental hygienist while they clean the plaque from your teeth for forty five minutes to an hour unbearable? Good news! Now you can consider Airflow in Glasgow which cleans and polishes, all in one easy procedure. This hygienic dental treatment is a pleasantly comfortable process that uses a combination of air and a high power stream of water with glycine powder or bicarbonate. The powder used for polishing is not as gritty or heavy as some others in use. The system also allows for the patient to decide on a flavour, for example spearmint, to be introduced which makes the experience even more comfortable.This is also the only treatment recommended for implants, cleaning is also suitable for children and adults alike.


What about stained and sensitive teeth

Food, drink or tobacco stains are quickly and easily removed without being harmful to the surface of the teeth. Plaque forms biofilm and using this treatment, the patient will experience a noticeably clean and fresh mouth instantly. Conventional or ultrasonic cleaning can affect sensitive teeth but this procedure is gentle while it cleans and polishes in one operation. Braces, retainers, veneers and other dental appliances do not need to be removed to be cleaned. Your crowns and bridges can be delicately and gently cleaned and polished. Using a separate attachment implants can be cleaned without the risk of scratching or damage. Gum disease can also be treated with an attachment allowing for a comfortable minimally invasive procedure.

Is this treatment suitable for me

We are all susceptible to plaque growing on our teeth requiring that trip to the hygienists chair.

Airflow in Glasgow removes harmful biofilm which develops above and below the gum line and this treatment comfortably removes it leaving your mouth feeling clean,fresh and bacteria free for up to ninety days. Each treatment lasts on average around thirty minutes about half the time of a conventional hygienist visit. The pressure jet can reach easily and painlessly into periodontal pockets eliminating bacteria that causes serious dental problems. For sensitive teeth the temperature of the water can be adjusted and your hygienist can control the water pressure. Whitening procedures are more effective due to the removal of buildup which can affect the bleaching process.If you are having any form of treatment that requires any form of sealant or bonding agent this treatment will remove any bacteria or endotoxins.

A quick easy and comfortable regular clean and polish

Not only is this a dental procedure that protects your teeth and gums but it also offers a safe and pleasant cosmetic procedure allowing you to enhance your looks when required. You may have acquired a few stains on your teeth since your last visit to the hygienist.

If you are getting married or have an important appointment or interview or any other special occasion you can make an appointment and after thirty minutes you will be ready to go. It’s not always necessary to have teeth whitening treatment. The beauty of this treatment is that it’s quick and comfortable and allows you to look your best when required.

How you can improve your smile this Mothers Day!

If you are looking to improve your smile this Mothers Day with cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow, then we have a range of different options that are sure to brighten your day and the appearance of your smile.


You deserve to look and feel your best every day of the year. By taking some time to consider yourself and your needs as a mother and woman, then you are recognising the importance of Mothers Day and what better way to do so than targeting the feature you use to show your love and choosing to improve your smile this Mothers Day with cosmetic dentistry Glasgow.

The solutions that we have available to improve your smile this Mothers Day with cosmetic dentistry Glasgow are varied but all include only the best of materials and products and are completed to the highest of standards with utter care and consideration.

If you’re unsure what kind of treatment you believe you need in order to feel better about your smile, then why not book a consultation with us so that we can examine your teeth and provide you with some experienced and professional insights into the health of your smile.

We consider both social expectations as well as your unique beauty to help you to achieve the most natural-looking and stunning end result. It is important to consider factors such as your face shape, your smile and your lifestyle choices in order to create the best looking and feeling smile that will suit you for life.

Our recommendations will always be balanced, offering you the advantages and any potential downsides that might be associated with the treatment and how this will affect your personal situation. We will work together on creating a bespoke treatment plan that fits your needs physically and emotionally so that you can feel great this Mothers Day and smile inside and out.

What are some of the treatments that might be of benefit to you

Many of our patients enjoy a tooth whitening procedure, which offers fast and effective results all in a single consultation. You can even take a kit away with you to do at home, with all the information and tools that you need in order to make a significant change in a safe and comfortable way.

Imagine an evening of pampering, locked away in the bathroom for some time as you treat yourself from head to toe. An overnight application of our teeth whitening solution will have you waking up in the morning feeling brighter and even more brilliant, ready to embark on a day where you are lavished in love and appreciation.

We are certain that you deserve to treat yourself so that you not only feel better about yourself and your smile, but your oral health is in better condition for this treatment as well. By taking care of your appearance and taking the time to look after yourself more often, it is proven that you will unconsciously work harder on everyday routines that maintain oral health and general wellbeing.

Chipped and damaged teeth

There is a habit in all dental clinics to sort dentistry into general, specialist and cosmetic categories. But we sometimes find this unhelpful. When we repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, we use skills from across the board to get the best results for our patients, whether a veneer, crown, fluoride sealant or resin coating are used.


Assessing the damage

All of our dental procedures are guided by the needs and wishes of the patient, although sometimes the repair of a chipped tooth may be seen as cosmetic, in most cases, it is not. Once a tooth is chipped, the remaining tooth profile is often sharp and jagged and can easily cut the inside of the lips and tongue when talking. At the site of the chip, there will be no enamel and the exposed dentine can make the tooth very sensitive to hot and cold stimuli. With a deep chip/crack, the root could be exposed to the air, which is very unpleasant and is considered a dental emergency.

Common treatment options

Every case to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow we see is different, so treatment must be tailored to the patient. But here are a few treatment options that may be more relevant to you, so you can get in contact with the clinic and book an appointment if you feel the need to.


If you have managed to retain any chips or tooth fragments, it may be possible to reconstruct the tooth using dental adhesive to literally glue the tooth back together. Never attempt to do this yourself using household glues.


If there is little remaining of the tooth or it has collapsed due to decay, a full crown may be needed. This will have to be constructed for you and we will book you in for a fitting at a later date.

Fluoride sealant

For minor chips, the main risk is the formation of a cavity where the enamel is missing and the crevice is often difficult to brush. To mitigate this, a fluoride sealant or varnish will protect the tooth.

Resin coating

This is a more robust form of varnishing, where layers of resin are painted on to the teeth and a UV light is used to set the resin. Multiple layers can be applied in one sitting.


Veneers sit more on the cosmetic side of the process to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow. After the risks to your health are addressed, we can discuss the use of veneers to return your appearance to how it was before the damage occurred. With colour and opacity matched, polymer-porcelain veneers can repair the tooth and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

Replacement and implanting

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair and extraction is the only choice, there is still the option of implanting an artificial tooth onto a titanium ‘root’ which is fixed into the jawbone. This is quite a lengthy procedure, which is not suitable for patients with low bone density.