Are you looking to repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow?

If you are an individual who is looking to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow then our dental practice situated within the heart of Glasgow could be the perfect clinic option for your smile. We offer our patients many opportunities to amend the appearance of their imperfect smile, one example of which may be the aim to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, whilst our dental team embrace the latest advancements within dental technology using the best possible quality dental materials.


What is the cause of worn or chipped teeth?

Patients may be experiencing worn or chipped teeth for a wide variety of reasons, one example may be due to an accident (such as falling from a bike, or a vehicle incident) which can cause the front teeth to be affected. In addition to incidents of dental trauma however other individuals may be suffering from imperfections due to dental health concerns, such as the development of an oral disease or infection which can cause the teeth to be extracted.

Why choose our dental practice situated within the heart of Glasgow?

At our dental practice situated within Glasgow we not only boast a wealth of experience within a variety of dental fields such as restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry, but we also provide all of our patients with the highest possible level of care within the walls of our surgery. If you are a patient who is considering receiving treatment at our Dental FX clinic, then you may wish to take a look at both our video, and written patient testimonials.

A dental practice you can trust

Within the modern field of dental care many patients may find it hard to find the right dental clinic for their unique dental case, however at our clinic within Glasgow we strive to stand out from the rest to provide the best possible results for our patients. Just one of our many impressive patient testimonials states that our services are ‘highly recommended’, whilst being pain-free and boasting a smooth communication process. In addition to our impressive patient reviews, we also publish detailed descriptions of our dental treatments on our modern and easily accessible dental website.

How does our professional dental team treat a broken tooth?

At our clinic we use a combination of fillings, dental crowns, veneers, and even dental bonding, in order to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. If you are suffering from a small chip to the tooth nearing the back area of the mouth, then a composite filling may be the ideal treatment option for your smile.

Is a composite filling the right treatment option for you?

A patient at our clinic may be suffering from a chipped, worn, or generally decaying tooth, however they may be unsure of the right treatment option for their damaged tooth. At our clinic in Glasgow our team of dental specialists will discuss the best possible treatment option for your smile, whilst ensuring they are fully comfortable with the treatment process. Before the composite filling is adhered to the damaged tooth, there are several measures that are taken to ensure the area is ready for treatment.

How do we prepare the damaged tooth?

Before adhering the filling to the damaged area within the mouth, a member of our dental team will ensure the area is fully prepared for treatment. A dentist at our clinic may drill the tooth to ensure the area is smooth and ready for the new composite filling, the filling is then inserted to reveal a smooth, and discreet surface. We are proud of the superior level of service we provide when we repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow and are delighted to be able to give our patients the benefit of this.