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Is general dentistry an art?

The demands of our lives today differ from twenty or fifty years ago, with a much higher emphasis on visual appearance. This is probably due to the advent of the smartphone and camera which has turned us all into amateur photographers. This technology also allows us to send images of ourselves to our friends and family all over the world. Being able to produce a radiant, confident smile has become a necessity. Art is defined as being able to express or apply a human innovative and creative skill to produce a result that can be appreciated. General dentistry Glasgow does just that when we correct misaligned teeth or replace a lost tooth with an implant, where we have to match the shape and colour of the new tooth to your natural teeth. The result is that you are able to produce a radiant smile which our skills and expertise has produced for you and you can confidently share with your friends and family everywhere.

Modern technology and the general dentist

Technology has not only given us the smartphone, but general dentistry Glasgow has benefitted enormously too. The way that dental science has incorporated the latest technology into our equipment, and the techniques that have developed, allow us to deliver treatments that are more efficient and more comfortable for our patients. We are even able to conduct virtual pre-consultations with you so that we can assess your condition before you even set foot in our surgery.

So what is general dentistry?

Well, as the name implies, we are the providers of dental health care that you should be seeing more regularly than any other. Our primary focus is your oral health and the prevention of disease. A very large proportion of our procedures are either of a diagnostic nature, preventive dentistry or education. Regular six monthly routine visits should be part of your overall dental health regime. This forms part of our education programme and is probably the most important aspect of our work. We like to see your children from as young as one year old, so that they can become used to us and we can build a relationship with them. Your function in the preventive dentistry programme as a parent is to bring them in regularly and when we start to examine their mouth we can identify any conditions that may be manifesting. We can also instruct them in the proper way to brush their teeth, floss and generally introduce them to the correct dental hygiene regime.

What services does a general dentist offer?

Our general dentist Glasgow offers our patients the full range of preventive treatments, including X-rays, scans, teeth cleaning and regular examinations. Our restorative services include fillings, replacing or repairing broken, chipped, cracked or missing teeth. We also provide treatment for gum disorders, crowns, dentures, root canal therapy and the latest technology in dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers and teeth whitening to produce a brighter smile is part of this area of dentistry.

More than just dental health

We can identify some underlying health conditions from a dental examination, such as discolouration of your teeth. This may indicate coeliac disease and some oral infections left untreated may lead to diabetes or even cardiovascular disease. You must include regular six monthly check-ups in your oral healthcare plan for your dental and medical health, as well as peace of mind.

What is general dentistry?

Many people struggle with the notion of having to see their dentist every six months. Can oral health decline in such a short space of time? The answer may shock you. Prevention is better than cure in our line of work, which is why we promote general dentistry in Glasgow to prevent small and irreversible dental issues from becoming larger ones, which could then decrease your quality of life.

general-dentistry-glasgowWho are we?

We are Dental FX, an established dental practice in Glasgow. We welcome all manner of patients and dental problems, from routine check-ups to more complicated procedures, such as root canals.

Why is general dentistry in Glasgow important?

Despite information being accessible to most, dental health often takes the backburner. Poor dental health might not be as fatal as other medical issues but neglecting your teeth and gums can have devastating consequences in the future.

Today more than ever, there is a keen focus on preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry starts with you prioritising your dental hygiene. By taking adequate care of your teeth, you are already improving upon the condition of your oral health. Brush twice a day, floss frequently and make the time to see your general dentist bi-annually.

What are common issues dentists see?

Everyday problems we see are, more often than not, preventable. As dentists, we try to instil the importance of flossing and brushing, not just to attain clean pearly whites but to protect the mouth from dental cavities and periodontal issues, like gum disease. The above-mentioned conditions are widespread, affecting children and adults alike – and the worst part is that they can be avoided with routine cleaning. If left untreated, these issues lead to pain, tooth loss, a changed appearance, and a loss of self-esteem.

When should general dentistry in Glasgow start with children?

Your children should be seeing our general dental practitioner when their first tooth erupts. Early exposure is important for two reasons; the first is that children develop a healthy and positive attitude about these dentist visits and second, by prioritising dental health from a young age, children are less likely to experience complicated issues as adults.

How you can spot tooth decay and gum disease?

Before you learn to identify these above conditions, you should know why they occur.

Plaque is a filmy substance that clings to your teeth and gums. The germs contained in plaque use the sugars found in food, to create an acid that attacks your tooth’s enamel and aggravates your gums. Using fluoridated toothpaste helps to remove most of the plaque in your mouth.

It is difficult to self-diagnose cavities because the early symptoms are easily missed. However, small signs include your tooth becoming dull or developing small brown spots.

Gingivitis is gum disease in its early stages, typically characterised by red and swollen gums that bleed easily, and persistently bad breath. If left untreated, the disease can infect the bone – which is why people who are suffering from advanced periodontal disease experience severe tooth loss.

If you are looking for a dentist to improve your oral health, come to our clinic for a consultation with our friendly, experienced and highly skilled practitioners.

Looking good is only half the story for teeth

It’s great that everyone now has access to cosmetic dentistry treatments that allow them to have really great, confidence-boosting smiles, but let’s not forget that beauty is only skin-deep and that it’s possible to have great looking teeth that are quietly going rotten with decay and gum disease behind their veneers, dental implants, whitening or whatever else in the way of cosmetic dentistry you choose to have done.

General Dentistry in GlasgowThat’s why, at Dental FX in Glasgow, we place as great an emphasis on general dentistry as we do on cosmetic dentistry, and we want you to do so too.

The check-up

The check-up is the backbone of all dental treatments. It’s our bi-annual opportunity to have a good poke around in your mouth and check that everything is in good nick. We look at your natural teeth, your restorations, your gums, your fillings, everything. And if you are over about 40, you should get all the soft parts of your mouth checked too, to make sure there are no mouth cancers showing up.

If we do find something that needs fixing, whether it’s decay that needs to be removed, fillings that are wearing out, teeth that are starting to crumble from bruxism, or signs of gum disease, we can send you for more general dentistry treatments to sort them out.

We are an NHS dentist as well as a private dentist, so you may well be able to get your general dentistry treatment on the NHS. It will even be free if you are:

  • Not yet 18
  • Over 18 but in full-time college
  • Pregnant or nursing.

The scale and polish

We usually recommend that patients have twice-yearly scale and polish sessions too. Allowing our hygienist to remove all that plaque and tartar that your brush couldn’t get at not only makes your mouth feel great but extends the life of your teeth as it helps prevent gum disease.

For kids

Children are more prone to decay, so we can help them with fluoride treatments to harden up their tooth enamel and fissure sealants to stop decay-causing bacteria getting into crevices on their back teeth.

Healthy teeth and happy smiles

We are pleased to welcome patients to Dental FX, a well-established practice that offers general dentistry in Glasgow. We all know that a healthy mouth requires regular care and attention, but the state of your teeth and gums are intrinsically linked to your appearance as well as more general health.

A good programme of dental maintenance gives you a smile to enjoy as well. You can rest assured that we are committed to every aspect of your oral care. We carefully monitor for early signs of decay and any other problems, as prompt detection of decay, cavities and other issues usually means that treatment is easier and more effective. Gum health is also critical so we watch for signs of disease such as redness, swelling or bleeding.

General Dentistry in GlasgowComprehensive care

Looking after your dental health goes beyond your teeth and gums so we also examine your head and neck. Enlarged or tender glands or lymph nodes can indicate infection or disease, and it is usually dentists who spot problems such as mouth cancers. We use a variety of techniques including x-rays and impressions to ensure that we are providing a complete examination. As well as regular dental services, we also offer cosmetic work to ensure that your smile is beautiful. We can straighten crooked teeth to improve an ineffective bite and also enhance your appearance. For patients with discoloured, damaged or missing teeth, there is a range of corrective procedures, and we can provide replacement teeth where necessary.

Fitting into your lifestyle

Many of our patients are busy. We offer early evening appointments so that it is more convenient for you to have check-ups and treatment. We accept NHS and private patients of all ages and aim to provide good value for money. Private patients wishing to spread the cost of more expensive procedures can choose from 0% interest loans, or loans with interest, which are repayable over a longer period. We are proud of the services we offer and are respected by other dentists who send patients to us on a referral basis.

Make a long-term investment in your health and appearance and join the hundreds of patients who trust us as their dentist.

It’s time to shine

Do you dislike your smile? Is your self-esteem and confidence suffering because of an unattractive smile? Maybe you have crooked or protruding teeth or a gummy smile? It may be time to get a new smile in Glasgow, at Dental FX.

Our smile is the first thing many people notice about us. It’s common to be embarrassed about your smile, hiding it away in public. Cosmetic dental treatment at Dental FX can restore your confidence in the appearance of your smile, boosting your self-esteem and improving your personal and professional interactions.

get-a-new-smile-in-GlasgowWhy choose us?

Dental FX is a well-established dental practice based in Bearsden in Glasgow. Get a new smile with us, as we are now accepting new patients for both private and NHS dentistry. We offer services for general, preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Every member of the team at Dental FX share our common values and ethics, including passion and commitment to providing the highest standards of dental care to all our patients. From routine general dentistry, all the way to a full-mouth reconstruction, Dental FX know you deserve to get a new smile in Glasgow.

Dental FX is led by Dr. Stephen Jacobs, who has a passion for all aspects of dentistry and a special interest in dental implantology. Dr. Jacobs runs a range of implant training courses for other dentists around the country. He remains at the forefront of implant technology and techniques and remains heavily involved in the future of implant research.

What we offer

For you to get a new smile in Glasgow, Dental FX is the place to come. We offer numerous treatments focusing on improving your smile. These include minor treatments, such as changing your silver fillings for white ones. This can greatly improve the aesthetic beauty of your smile.

We also offer services in teeth whitening, if stained and discoloured teeth have become a major problem. Some of the causes include smoking or wine and coffee consumption.

Porcelain veneers are also an option at Dental FX. This is a quick remedy to your cosmetic dental issues. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or ceramic that can be placed over the front surface of a tooth. They will be matched to the natural colour of your teeth, creating a realistic result.

Dentistry for whatever is happening in your life

Life is busy and eventful when you live in a city like Glasgow. General dentistry that covers you for all eventualities is hard to find but, at Dental FX, we think we can help whatever your current situation.

When you are looking for general dentistry is Glasgow, the first thing you might think of is regular check-ups and fillings but this is only a tiny portion of what we can offer you. From dental implants to advice on quitting smoking, we offer a full range of services to meet your oral health needs.

general-dentistry-is-GlasgowSpecial occasion

If you have something special coming up in the next few weeks or even next year, then now might be the right time for you to consider some of our cosmetic dentistry procedures. We can help you with stained or discoloured teeth, a gummy smile or gaps to name just a few things. While some treatments only take a short appointment, even treatments like straightening can be achieved in less time that you think and will prepare you to face those big life events with confidence.

Growing family

Our general dentistry in Glasgow can look after you and your family at any stage of life. Whether it is during pregnancy, dentistry for kids or treatments aimed at teenagers, Dental FX can help with specially focused care and options.

Accidental damage

If you have a dental emergency then the quicker you can contact a dentist you trust to assess and treat you, the better. If you see someone soon after an accident that has resulted in tooth loss, then it is more likely that the tooth can be restored. If you have other damage such as a crack, chip or you have lost a crown or filling, we can give you fast, effective treatment and advice straight away.

In an emergency, we do not want you to have to worry, especially if you are in pain. Get in touch today to have a check-up and start getting to know the practice and the team. Our skilled and friendly professionals will do everything they can to ensure you have a great visit and we think you will go away with peace of mind regarding any potential emergency needs.