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Restoring your smile to its fullest through a sinus lift in Glasgow

What we do


Here at Dental FX, it is our mission to bring out the true beauty behind each of our patients’ smiles. We combine some of the most cutting edge technologies and dental methodology available, with years worth of first-hand experience and expertise to give our patients a well-rounded dental service which is made to fit their individual needs. We provide an entire range of cosmetic treatments and procedures which have been designed to help patients bring out their best smile. More complicated procedures such as a sinus lift in Glasgow can also be carried out by our specialists at Dental FX, and can have a lasting effect on the self esteem and smile of anyone who needs it.

Who would require a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a dental surgery procedure which is called for in instances where patients require dental implants, despite having experienced bone loss within their upper jaw. Bone loss is one of the many negative and impactful side effects of having an untreated missing tooth. This comes about as the bone tissue around the space in the patient’s mouth becomes unstimulated if the gap is left for some time. As such, the inactive bone tissue is reabsorbed by the body and sent elsewhere. The results of bone loss occurring from an untreated missing tooth are often impactful on the way that a patient looks as their entire bone structure becomes altered – often adding years of perceived age to the patient. The only permanent way to reverse this is through dental implant treatment, which cannot be safely carried out without a sinus lift in Glasgow being required.

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure which is carried out within our dental practice here at Dental FX. The procedure typically takes around six months until the patient can continue with the installation of dental implants as their sinus has to be moved upward if they have lost bone density. The procedure requires a bone graft, which is either sourced from a donor or from the patient, prior to beginning the procedure. If the bone is taken from the patient then it typically comes from their tibia or hip. The procedure is typically carried out whilst the patient is under local or general anesthetic, and takes between 90 to 120 minutes to complete, with a 2-3 day healing period thereafter.

What does a sinus lift entail?

For those who feel that they could benefit from the long-term effects of a sinus lift in Glasgow from us here at Dental FX, here is a brief explanation of the procedure. After being administered a local or general anesthetic – or (if prefered by the patient) Nitrous Oxide, the procedure would begin. This starts with the dentist stripping back the gum of the patient to reveal their jawbone within the space where they are missing a tooth, and thus have bone loss. Then the practitioner would drill the entire way through the patient’s jawbone until they reach the patient’s sinus above it. They would then push the sinus upward and refill the space with the grafted bone – either from the patient or a donor. Finally, the gap would be sealed together and left to heal. Over the preceding months, the patient’s facial structure and dental integrity would become fully restored and they would be ready for dental implant treatment.