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How we repair worn and chipped teeth

Dental health is a critical part of overall health, yet many people do not take the necessary steps to maintain healthy teeth. One common problem that people experience is dental chips and cracks; these can be caused by a variety of factors, including accidental trauma, teeth grinding at night, or the consumption of hard foods. If left untreated, chipped teeth can lead to more serious problems, including tooth loss.

Fortunately, there are several ways to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, depending on the severity of the damage. For minor chips, our dentist may simply smoothen out the edges of the tooth with a file. More significant chips may require bonding, which involves our dentist applying a tooth-coloured resin to the damaged area and then hardening it with a high-intensity light. This will help to restore the shape of your tooth and improve its appearance. For more serious damage, our dentist may recommend a crown or veneer.

What are the causes of chipped teeth?

There are a few different causes of chipped teeth. The most common cause is accidental trauma, such as falling and hitting your tooth on something hard. Another common cause is grinding your teeth at night, which can wear down the enamel on your teeth and cause them to chip. Eating hard foods can also cause chips and cracks in your teeth.

How can you tell if you have a chipped tooth?

If you have a chipped tooth, it can be difficult to tell. Often, the chip will be very small and may not be visible to the naked eye. The best way to tell if you have a chipped tooth is to look at your teeth in a mirror and see whether you can spot any areas that are not smooth.

What are the risks associated with having a chipped tooth?

If you have a chipped tooth, there are a few risks that you should be aware of. First, the chip can cause discomfort and sensitivity in the area. Additionally, the chip can lead to cavities or other types of dental damage if left untreated. It can also cause the tooth to be more vulnerable to cracks when pressure is applied to it, potentially leading to the tooth cracking and breaking. Finally, chipped teeth can also affect your overall appearance and make you feel self-conscious about your smile, especially if stains set in around the crack and give your tooth an uneven-looking appearance.

If you have a chipped tooth, don’t worry; there are many ways to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow. Depending on the severity of the damage, our dentist may recommend filing down the edges of the tooth, bonding the chip back in place, or putting in a crown or veneer. It is important to seek treatment for chipped teeth as they can lead to more serious dental problems if left untreated. So even if your chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, it is still important to see our dentist here at Dental FX to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow.

Why it is important to repair worn and chipped teeth

Dental enamel is widely acclaimed to be the hardest mineralized tissue found in the body, and yet, the robustness of sturdy materials have their limits when subjected to excessive external forces. The impact of a blow to the face can not only knock out a tooth from its socket but also result in damaged teeth.

The most obvious negative consequence of teeth that are worn, chipped or cracked is that they are unsightly. But the danger does not stop there – there are also valid oral health concerns that need to be considered, which is why we encourage patients to seek appropriate dental care to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow.

At Dental FX, we offer a range of treatments dedicated to helping patients repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow so that they benefit from stronger teeth, improve the appearance of their smiles and reduce the likelihood of bad oral bacteria reaching sensitive parts of their tooth structures.

Treatment plans to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow can consist of fillings and dental bonding to dental crowns and veneers. We take a closer look at what these types of treatment plans involve and the benefits they offer.

Treatment types to repair worn and chipped teeth

Small chips in teeth can be effectively treated with fillings and dental bonding. Our experienced dental practitioner can match the colour of the composite material to be used as filling for the rest of the patient’s teeth so that it is less noticeable when teeth are exposed.

These fillings are more suitable when chips are found in teeth positioned at the back of the mouth. Our dentist will first clear out any decay present and smooth out rough edges before proceeding to fill in the chip. Filling chips in the enamel is a safe and quick procedure that can be accommodated within a single visit.

Dental bonding may better suit chips in teeth positioned at the front of the dental arch. Once again, a tooth-coloured composite can be used in this process to make the treatment less obvious to other people. A gel will be applied to the site of treatment, after which our dental practitioner will apply an adhesive followed by the bonding material. This substance will then be skillfully manipulated to resemble a natural tooth, and ultraviolet light will be used to harden the material. Like fillings, the dental bonding procedure can also be completed in one visit to our dental clinic.

For larger cracks in the enamel, a dental crown (also referred to as a cap) may be more suitable. These caps, made from composite material, metal or porcelain, can fit snugly over the affected tooth, hiding imperfections and boosting tooth strength.

Another option patients can look at to repair their teeth are veneers. Veneers, often used to hide blemishes of teeth at the front of the dental arch, are wafer-thin coverings made from either porcelain or composite resin material that cover the entire surface of the tooth.

For a dental clinic offering modern treatment plans to restore patients’ smiles, choose Dental FX. For more information on how we can help you to achieve a beautiful smile, reach out to our front desk team and set up an appointment.

Take control over your smile and let us repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

Get your smile back

Here at Dental FX, it is our mission to help all our patients find their true smile, and the confidence needed to use it. Anyone looking to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow can rely on us fully to provide a comprehensive, restorative dental treatment that is unique and tailored to each and every patient’s needs.

We understand that all smiles are unique, which is why we always adopt a bespoke approach to those looking to restore the aesthetics of their smiles.

Why repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow?

Besides the self-evident cosmetic disadvantages of having worn-down or chipped teeth, there are also numerous other long-term health problems which those who need to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow may suffer from.

Your teeth are largely made up of enamel – which is actually the strongest naturally occurring material in our bodies.

However, despite being made from dense and tough material, your teeth can chip for a number of reasons – be it accident or trauma, or just general wear – and if this happens you should waste no time in seeking out help from our experts here at Dental FX.

Even if you have the smallest chip or crack in your tooth this can lead to serious dental problems such as decay or abscesses, as bacteria can slip into the newly formed crack and quickly develop into an infection. If this happens then more extensive dental treatments are often required which take far longer to administer than a simple restoration.

What sort of treatment for chipped or worn teeth is available?

As with all things dental, everyone is different and the treatment which any patient receives for worn down or chipped teeth will largely vary, depending on the extent of the damage or the condition of their smile.

For this reason, we always advise those who require dental repairs for damaged teeth to visit our practice for an initial examination to allow our experts to determine the extent of treatment you require.

If you have only a small chip in your teeth, we can often fix this in just one sitting by using a dental filling or tooth-coloured composite. However, if you have a large portion of tooth missing, it may require more extensive treatment to get your smile back in shape – such as a dental crown or veneers.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are often used on patients who have lost a larger portion of their tooth or if their tooth is decayed, and acts as a cover that is attached over their tooth to give it a better aesthetic – and restore its functionality and strength.

At Dental FX we provide our patients with a choice of material for their crowns – including metal (which is the strongest) or porcelain.

Often metallic crowns are best used if the chip is at the back of a patient’s mouth, whereas porcelain crowns are favoured for chips at the front, as they look the most natural and unobtrusive.

Because crowns must fit perfectly over a patient’s existing tooth, they must all be custom made and therefore can take up to two weeks to create – although our dentists regularly apply temporary crowns which are to be worn whilst a patient’s permanent one is made.

Chipped and damaged teeth

There is a habit in all dental clinics to sort dentistry into general, specialist and cosmetic categories. But we sometimes find this unhelpful. When we repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, we use skills from across the board to get the best results for our patients, whether a veneer, crown, fluoride sealant or resin coating are used.


Assessing the damage

All of our dental procedures are guided by the needs and wishes of the patient, although sometimes the repair of a chipped tooth may be seen as cosmetic, in most cases, it is not. Once a tooth is chipped, the remaining tooth profile is often sharp and jagged and can easily cut the inside of the lips and tongue when talking. At the site of the chip, there will be no enamel and the exposed dentine can make the tooth very sensitive to hot and cold stimuli. With a deep chip/crack, the root could be exposed to the air, which is very unpleasant and is considered a dental emergency.

Common treatment options

Every case to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow we see is different, so treatment must be tailored to the patient. But here are a few treatment options that may be more relevant to you, so you can get in contact with the clinic and book an appointment if you feel the need to.


If you have managed to retain any chips or tooth fragments, it may be possible to reconstruct the tooth using dental adhesive to literally glue the tooth back together. Never attempt to do this yourself using household glues.


If there is little remaining of the tooth or it has collapsed due to decay, a full crown may be needed. This will have to be constructed for you and we will book you in for a fitting at a later date.

Fluoride sealant

For minor chips, the main risk is the formation of a cavity where the enamel is missing and the crevice is often difficult to brush. To mitigate this, a fluoride sealant or varnish will protect the tooth.

Resin coating

This is a more robust form of varnishing, where layers of resin are painted on to the teeth and a UV light is used to set the resin. Multiple layers can be applied in one sitting.


Veneers sit more on the cosmetic side of the process to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow. After the risks to your health are addressed, we can discuss the use of veneers to return your appearance to how it was before the damage occurred. With colour and opacity matched, polymer-porcelain veneers can repair the tooth and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

Replacement and implanting

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair and extraction is the only choice, there is still the option of implanting an artificial tooth onto a titanium ‘root’ which is fixed into the jawbone. This is quite a lengthy procedure, which is not suitable for patients with low bone density.

A guide on how to repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

If you currently have teeth which are either worn or chipped, this may be for a number of reasons. Worn teeth can be a result of erosion of the surface tooth tissue due to consuming acidic substances such as fruit juices, alcohol and fizzy drinks. Worn teeth can also occur if you are using an incorrect brushing technique, also known as toothbrush abrasion.


Fortunately, at Dental FX based in Glasgow, we provide cosmetic dental treatments to our patients, so if you would like to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, by booking an appointment at our practice, we will be sure to assist you with all your dental needs.

An introduction to our practice, Dental FX

Led by Clinical Director and Principal Dentist Dr Stephen Jacobs, our practice Dental FX provides the highest standards of dental care to all of our patients within preventive, restorative, general and cosmetic dentistry. Our staff is made up of experienced dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and receptionists who are all highly qualified and committed to ensuring that each patient who visits us leaves our practice happy with the results of their dental treatment. Our staff are also dedicated to continuous learning through attending relevant training courses in order to keep their knowledge up to date.

What to expect as a new patient at Dental FX

If you are based in Glasgow and would like to visit our dental practice, we advise you to book an appointment with us. At this first appointment, not only will you be greeted by our friendly reception team; you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding your appointment. You will also be asked to complete one of our medical history forms. This is an important part of the appointment as it will allow us to know more about your medical and dental history, as well as identifying whether you have any pre-existing conditions or are currently taking medication, which could have an impact on any recommended treatment from our dentist.

After this you will be taken by one of our receptionists to see the dentist. The dentist will examine your mouth, teeth and gums and will also take photographs and X-rays if required. The dentist will also carry out a mouth cancer screening as part of the examination. If the dentist has identified any dental issues, it may be necessary for you to have further treatment. Our dentist will explain this to you along with providing you with information on the various dental treatments available to you, in order for you to make an informed decision.

Dental treatments to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow

At Dental FX, we offer treatments within restorative dentistry to our patients who are dealing with dental issues such as worn and chipped teeth. So if it is identified after examination that you have a chip in your tooth enamel, or your teeth are worn, you will be happy to know that there is treatment available to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow. Examples of dental treatment to repair worn and chipped teeth include crowns, fillings and dental bonding.

Are you looking to repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow?

If you are an individual who is looking to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow then our dental practice situated within the heart of Glasgow could be the perfect clinic option for your smile. We offer our patients many opportunities to amend the appearance of their imperfect smile, one example of which may be the aim to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, whilst our dental team embrace the latest advancements within dental technology using the best possible quality dental materials.


What is the cause of worn or chipped teeth?

Patients may be experiencing worn or chipped teeth for a wide variety of reasons, one example may be due to an accident (such as falling from a bike, or a vehicle incident) which can cause the front teeth to be affected. In addition to incidents of dental trauma however other individuals may be suffering from imperfections due to dental health concerns, such as the development of an oral disease or infection which can cause the teeth to be extracted.

Why choose our dental practice situated within the heart of Glasgow?

At our dental practice situated within Glasgow we not only boast a wealth of experience within a variety of dental fields such as restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry, but we also provide all of our patients with the highest possible level of care within the walls of our surgery. If you are a patient who is considering receiving treatment at our Dental FX clinic, then you may wish to take a look at both our video, and written patient testimonials.

A dental practice you can trust

Within the modern field of dental care many patients may find it hard to find the right dental clinic for their unique dental case, however at our clinic within Glasgow we strive to stand out from the rest to provide the best possible results for our patients. Just one of our many impressive patient testimonials states that our services are ‘highly recommended’, whilst being pain-free and boasting a smooth communication process. In addition to our impressive patient reviews, we also publish detailed descriptions of our dental treatments on our modern and easily accessible dental website.

How does our professional dental team treat a broken tooth?

At our clinic we use a combination of fillings, dental crowns, veneers, and even dental bonding, in order to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. If you are suffering from a small chip to the tooth nearing the back area of the mouth, then a composite filling may be the ideal treatment option for your smile.

Is a composite filling the right treatment option for you?

A patient at our clinic may be suffering from a chipped, worn, or generally decaying tooth, however they may be unsure of the right treatment option for their damaged tooth. At our clinic in Glasgow our team of dental specialists will discuss the best possible treatment option for your smile, whilst ensuring they are fully comfortable with the treatment process. Before the composite filling is adhered to the damaged tooth, there are several measures that are taken to ensure the area is ready for treatment.

How do we prepare the damaged tooth?

Before adhering the filling to the damaged area within the mouth, a member of our dental team will ensure the area is fully prepared for treatment. A dentist at our clinic may drill the tooth to ensure the area is smooth and ready for the new composite filling, the filling is then inserted to reveal a smooth, and discreet surface. We are proud of the superior level of service we provide when we repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow and are delighted to be able to give our patients the benefit of this.

Repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

Years of use or even an ill-timed moment resulting in an unfortunate accident can negatively affect the appearance of your teeth, but at Dental FX we can repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, with a range of custom treatments that best fit the kind of damage you may have. You don’t have to go your whole life with stumpy teeth because you suffer from bruxism, nor do you have to endure a chipped front forever either, these problems and more can all be fixed and your teeth can be restored and even improved upon with careful use of composite bonding, crowns, or veneers.


Worn teeth

Some people are harder on their teeth than others and this may be due to the fact that they grind their teeth subconsciously, usually while asleep, but sometimes even in waking hours without realising it. In some cases with people who are taking SSRIs, a side effect of the medication may be increased tooth clenching and/or grinding. Whatever the reason for teeth grinding the result is the same; stumpy blunt teeth that have lost a great deal of length. Happily though, there is an elegant solution to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow that does not involve removing the worn teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a full set of porcelain slivers that can be used to reconstruct worn teeth in order to bring them back to their original fullness. A veneer is a thin slice of tooth-shaped porcelain that is bonded to the tooth in order to restore it either cosmetically or in this case to restore functionality. Veneers can be applied in a set that covers all the teeth, giving you a new smile that looks as real as any other and your dentist will be able to provide you with a nightguard to wear in order to protect your new teeth from being ground in your sleep.

Chipped teeth

A tooth can become chipped and broken in any number of ways, which is why dentists needed to come up with good solutions to restoring them instead of having to replace them. We can’t give an implant to every chipped tooth that walks into our practice, that is wholly over the top; but we can repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow, in order to bring your smile back to fullness thus restoring your confidence and this is done through either composite bonding or crowns.

Composite bonding is a procedure where we use a special type of tooth coloured resin that matches your own teeth on the chipped area of the tooth. This resin is built up and sculpted in order to restore the tooth’s shape and it is then hardened with a light and will be hard enough for you to go back to your regular lifestyle.

Crowns are useful in the case of a large break or very big chip. We are able to use a dental crown to restore fullness to the tooth. This crown can be made of precious metals like gold, but more commonly nowadays the crown is either made from tooth-coloured porcelain or a similar resin that is used in composite bonding.

Repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow by asking your dentist about veneers

Our teeth take quite a lot of punishment over our lives and the toll of this daily wear and tear can start to show in worn down enamel, chips and cracks in teeth. At first you might think this is how your smile is destroyed, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of cosmetic dentistry, more specifically veneers.

If you have any damaged teeth, this is why you should be asking your dentist about veneers.

Repair Worn or Chipped Teeth in GlasgowWhat veneers are

If you have never had to book an appointment to repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow and aren’t familiar with veneers, then worry not. They’re essentially a small piece of porcelain that’s placed over your teeth to cover up any damage, staining or gaps. Think of it like hanging a poster over a crack in your wall.

What does the procedure involve?

The process of having a veneer fitted is pretty simple. Your dentist will normally examine the area then match the colour of your teeth for the porcelain cap to ensure a natural looking cover. An impression of your tooth will be taken, and the area will then be cleaned, and a small section of enamel will be removed. Then a porcelain cap will be placed over your tooth and it’s fixed in place with an adhesive.

Is it painful?

A lot of people tend to be put off by treatments if they think they are going to be painful or too invasive. Veneers though are non-invasive and although you might feel some mild discomfort when your enamel layer is removed, the rest of the treatment should be relatively pain free. But, at Dental FX we ensure that the process of being fitted for veneers is quick, easy and stress free and our dentists will strive to provide you with the least amount of discomfort possible.

Are there benefits?

If you’re booking an appointment to repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow, there are a lot of great benefits to take advantage of with this treatment.

For one, the cap is easy to clean. Just brush it like you would the rest of your teeth, although be careful not to press too hard as you could dislodge the prosthetic. This also applies for flossing and mouthwash, don’t pull too hard with floss and stick to a low PH brand of mouthwash to avoid damaging the adhesive on the cap.

Another is that the treatments are pretty fast, which means you won’t have to spend too much time sitting in the dentist’s chair. The cap is also very durable, so there’s no need to continually come in to check it, but that doesn’t mean you can skip your 6 monthly check-up.

These are just a few interesting facts about veneers. So, if you’re looking to fix up your smile, repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow then contact your practice today and see what your dentist can do for you.

Chipped a tooth in a fall? Repairing worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

If you are the type of person who thrives on playing football at the weekends or enjoys a game of rugby in your spare time, chances are you may have damaged one or several of your teeth.

In today’s society, even the most cared for teeth are not immune to becoming cracked or worn and if your worn or chipped teeth are in need of repair, there are many options available to you.

Repair worn and chipped teeth  in GlasgowIssues that can arise from chipped teeth

Unfortunately, even a small chip in a tooth can cause an issue if left untreated. Our dental team at Dental FX are experts in repairing worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow and have seen the consequences of not getting a worn tooth examined at an earlier stage.

Chipped teeth are weaker than unchipped teeth and can cause pain or issues with sensitivity when consuming hard foods or warm and cold beverages. Though a chip may appear minor, leaving it untreated can cause other bits of teeth to break off, potentially exposing the inner parts of the teeth. Not only does this cause intense pain, it can lead to more serious complications like infections and abscesses.

Treatment options

Luckily, repairing worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow is not a difficult process in most cases and typically can be completed with one dental visit. Our team of dentists at Dental FX treat many chipped or worn teeth everyday and can easily help you regain complete function of that damaged tooth in no time.

Fillings and bonding

If one of your teeth towards the back of your mouth has a crack or chip, your dentist will probably opt for a composite filling, these are easy to place and are largely unnoticeable.

If your chip or cracked tooth is more towards the front of your mouth, your dentist may recommend dental bonding. This uses a tooth coloured composite and is stuck to the affected tooth with a mixture of gel and adhesive. Once moulded, it is set in place and hardened using ultraviolet light. This procedure is exceedingly simple and can be completed in one visit.


When a large part of your tooth has broken away, your dentist may choose to place a crown on the damaged tooth. Depending on which tooth has sustained the damage, crowns can be made of either metal or porcelain.

An imprint of your tooth will be taken, and you will be fitted with a temporary crown until a permanent one is fitted within the following two weeks.


If one of your front teeth is chipped, veneers are a quick and easy way to disguise the damage. To fit it correctly, your dentist will take impressions of the tooth and your veneer will be created in a specialist laboratory. It will be attached to the tooth up to 2 weeks later using a special bonding material.

Need to repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow? Visit us now at Dental FX.

Are you ready to repair worn and chipped teeth?

Are your less than perfect teeth wearing your confidence down?  If you are struggling to maintain a golden smile through natural wear and tear, or possibly something like a sports injury, it could be time to visit us at Dental FX to repair worn or chipped teeth!

Worn and Chipped Teeth in GlasgowThere are various options available to patients that are suffering with, and needing to repair, worn or chipped teeth, but one thing is for certain, the sooner you contact us the better!  Apart from being sensitive and very painful if the nerves are exposed, your teeth can be vulnerable if left in this condition for too long and cause further problems to your oral health down the line.

So what are my options when treating this problem?

A small chip can be sorted out very easily, usually in just one visit to our dental practice.  If the problem is at the back of the mouth, a filling will suffice.  Whilst a chip at the front of the mouth may need a treatment known as dental bonding. This treatment allows the chip to be treated via the bonding of natural tooth coloured resin, which is then hardened with a special light.

But what if a larger section of my tooth has come away?

Never fear, a larger chip can be solved too with dental crowns. These are the perfect way to repair teeth that have been made weak from decay or broken during a hectic game of hockey or football!  Crowns can be made from various materials such as porcelain or metal and are simply a tooth-shaped cover that is attached to your tooth.

With this treatment, one of our dentists will remove a layer of the tooth’s surface, but ensuring that the strong inside is left.  Our dental professionals will make a mould of the prepared tooth and it will be given to our technician to make a bespoke crown. You may have a temporary crown put in place whilst your final one is being crafted.

What about unsightly chips in the front of my mouth?

Veneers are a superb option for worn or chipped front teeth and you can also experience the joy of having these made lovely and white too if you have all the front teeth replaced! This winning solution can help with a number of issues at once by changing the colour, size and shape of the tooth.

Now take that dental chip off your shoulder and out of your mouth!

Hiding your smile behind your hands, and feeling ever more uncomfortable in social situations, is not how any of us want to live our lives.  But help is at hand, due to the marvellous, dental innovations available nowadays. So why not give us a call so that we can discuss all the options available to you. With a great home oral hygiene regime and regular check-ups, there is no reason why your new smile can’t last for years to come!