Dentistry for whatever is happening in your life

Life is busy and eventful when you live in a city like Glasgow. General dentistry that covers you for all eventualities is hard to find but, at Dental FX, we think we can help whatever your current situation.

When you are looking for general dentistry is Glasgow, the first thing you might think of is regular check-ups and fillings but this is only a tiny portion of what we can offer you. From dental implants to advice on quitting smoking, we offer a full range of services to meet your oral health needs.

general-dentistry-is-GlasgowSpecial occasion

If you have something special coming up in the next few weeks or even next year, then now might be the right time for you to consider some of our cosmetic dentistry procedures. We can help you with stained or discoloured teeth, a gummy smile or gaps to name just a few things. While some treatments only take a short appointment, even treatments like straightening can be achieved in less time that you think and will prepare you to face those big life events with confidence.

Growing family

Our general dentistry in Glasgow can look after you and your family at any stage of life. Whether it is during pregnancy, dentistry for kids or treatments aimed at teenagers, Dental FX can help with specially focused care and options.

Accidental damage

If you have a dental emergency then the quicker you can contact a dentist you trust to assess and treat you, the better. If you see someone soon after an accident that has resulted in tooth loss, then it is more likely that the tooth can be restored. If you have other damage such as a crack, chip or you have lost a crown or filling, we can give you fast, effective treatment and advice straight away.

In an emergency, we do not want you to have to worry, especially if you are in pain. Get in touch today to have a check-up and start getting to know the practice and the team. Our skilled and friendly professionals will do everything they can to ensure you have a great visit and we think you will go away with peace of mind regarding any potential emergency needs.