Get that glow with teeth whitening Glasgow

Don’t put up with dark tooth shades. You can get back that glow with our teeth whitening Glasgow systems. We can show you how easy we make lightening your enamel in our clinic. and how to get the most out of lightning treatments.

How tooth lightening works

Staining can occur in several different ways and depending on the type of staining, they are treated in different ways. Exterior staining (also known as extrinsic staining), is when a material becomes attached to the outer surface of the enamel, altering its shade. The material does not actually enter the enamel but it is very firmly attached, in a similar way as to paint on a wall.  Intrinsic staining involves a chemical change within the enamel itself, from a strongly pigmented compound diffusing into the material, it is more similar to the way clothes are dyed.

Treatment options

Our Airflow system is an abrasion method for teeth whitening Glasgow, it uses a fine powered delivery at high speed propelled by compressed air, acting like a tiny oral sandblaster for your teeth. A good solution for extrinsic staining. The treatment is short and it doesn’t require any form of pain relief, so it can be fitted in during a workday. Giving immediate results, it can be a great option when preparing for a big event like a corporate presentation or wedding day.

Lightening gels

Whitening gels are used to immobilise a hydrogen peroxide solution as close to the enamel surface as possible, giving it time to soak into the tooth and alter its shade. In much the same way as the similar solutions can be used to lighten hair. It takes longer than abrasion methods with the initial sessions lasting up to 40 minutes, with repeat top-up sessions being much shorter. During the first session, a custom-made tray has to be made. It holds the gel safely in place and can also be used at home during night-time treatments with lower concentration gels. Herby avoiding the gum irritation and unnecessary sensitivity.


Veneers are the most effective and radical way to change the appearance of your teeth. Not only do they allow you to control your teeth whitening Glasgow and enamel shade assuming you are having a complete set, but will also hide any other imperfections like cracks and stress lines. They can also be used to mask minor misalignments, giving a straighter and more symmetrical look to your smile.

Made from individually crafted porcelain wafers that are produced in a dental laboratory, they are fitted and trimmed by our dental team; veneering can provide an excellent finish. But it is a significant investment and many times more expensive than abrasion or chemical lighting techniques. Therefore if usually only used if other procedures are ineffective and have unsatisfactory results.

Which option is best for me?

Which option would be best for your situation requires an examination. If you have active decay or any other dental issues, they will have to be addressed before you consider most cosmetic lighting treatments. If you are curious about how we could help you, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic.