Having a mouth cancer screening during your regular check-up appointment

Although we would all like to believe that our bodies are invincible and our health is on top form, it is always important to have checks in order to keep this the case and prevent missing potential damage to our bodies, both naturally and due to lack of care.

One of the key processes carried out in our dental practice is the process of mouth cancer screening Glasgow. This simple check during your appointment can help detect and reduce the impact of the cancer as quickly and efficiently as possible, which can be of huge importance.

HIgh risk patients

Whilst we all have habits which can negatively impact our health and day-to-day life, those who smoke are often more prone to cancers such as oral carcinoma. Luckily, although any form of cancer is difficult to understand, this particular form can often be relatively easy to recover from and also easy to operate on should that particular solution be needed. Now whilst that may all sound simple, early detection with any form of cancer is one of the biggest factors in both prognosis and recovery which is why mouth cancer screening Glasgow has become a standard procedure during your regular check-ups with us.

Keeping us in the loop

Although there are often many tell-tale signs of smoking from the smell on clothes, to the stains on teeth or odour to the breath, it is highly important to be honest with your dental team and continue to keep them in the loop should you smoke or take up other hobbies which may affect your oral health. Although our dental team can only advise you on the potential side effects of smoking, by keeping us all in the loop at Dental FX we are able to ensure that close inspections are kept a regular occurrence within your appointments due to the higher risk of cancer.

Ignoring the consistent mouth ulcer

In the past, misdiagnosis of tumours within the mouth has occurred and what may have been diagnosed as a persistent ulcer has actually had something a little more sinister occurring. Luckily, with advances in knowledge surrounding overall oral health, these alterations to the mouth, no matter how small, are investigated further. For instance, should an ulcer not respond to treatment and self-care solutions at home within around 4 weeks then it is important to visit your dental team, so as to resolve the issue and receive any treatment which may be required. Suffering at home is unnecessary when we are at hand to help with a solution, whether it be further investigation of the problem with mouth cancer screening Glasgow, or to provide an alternative treatment or procedure to the self-care one.

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and help put your mind at ease where possible. Wondering at home what is wrong or suffering from pain that a painkiller won’t resolve is unnecessary when your dental team is here to support, guide and discover the root cause of the issue.