Improve your smile this Mother’s Day

Want to give yourself a real treat or perhaps gift one?  Have you considered cosmetic dentistry Glasgow? It may seem like an odd gift, but giving it in a discreet and witty manner can certainly be very much appreciated. Let’s see what it entails.

Gummy smiles

A gummy smile refers to the amount and perceived healthiness of the gum displayed while smiling. In general, less gum and more tooth showing is considered more attractive, with the symmetry and regular arches of gum with healthy wedges between each tooth being preferred. This is mainly because gums are more prominent when they are swollen, so then gums being a sign of poor health can be obvious and are considered undesirable.

Improvement can be achieved with gum contouring. How contouring is performed depends on the nature of the extension of the gum over the teeth or the reduced size of the teeth due to wear or other damage. If there has been an overgrowth of gum tissue, this can be surgically removed back down to a healthy normal. If teeth are worn, and therefore are more visual than they should be, the gum can be gradually thickened and made more prevalent on the tooth, with the use of grafting. Longer teeth and shorter gums can be a sign of gum disease, so we will need to assess your teeth for this if you appear to have an issue with tooth to gum ratio.

Shortened teeth solutions

Over a lifetime of wear and tear, teeth can become shortened and although their perceived length can be changed by altering the gum line, this is not always the best solution. The grinding that so commonly shortens teeth over years is performed at night. Early mitigation with a night-time tooth guard and treatment of any underlying condition like medication side effects or or a misalignment is best, but once the teeth have been noticeably shortened such preventive methods would be of limited use. Thankfully, reconstruction is possible thanks to our cosmetic dentistry Glasgow with a combination of filling techniques, tooth contouring and dental veneers your teeth can be reconstructed, thus getting your smile back to its healthy and natural appearance.

Replacing older work

Many older dental techniques focussed on returning function and expediency, rather than the aesthetic impact. A good example of this is the use of metal amalgam fillings; they are significantly hard wearing and cheaper, however, they are not particularly aesthetically pleasing, although they are sturdy.

Thankfully, new polymer porcelain composites along with UV cured resins have opened up opportunities when it comes to white composite fillings. It can be a significant change and confidence boost to have a seamless white replacement rather than the traditional option at our dental practice.

So, cosmetic dentistry Glasgow may be a surprising and non traditional gift that really makes the difference this Mother’s Day.  Or it may well be a piece of well earned TLC to give yourself! Feel free to get in contact with the clinic even if you are a new patient, as we are currently accepting new applicants to our surgery.