Is general dentistry an art?

The demands of our lives today differ from twenty or fifty years ago, with a much higher emphasis on visual appearance. This is probably due to the advent of the smartphone and camera which has turned us all into amateur photographers. This technology also allows us to send images of ourselves to our friends and family all over the world. Being able to produce a radiant, confident smile has become a necessity. Art is defined as being able to express or apply a human innovative and creative skill to produce a result that can be appreciated. General dentistry Glasgow does just that when we correct misaligned teeth or replace a lost tooth with an implant, where we have to match the shape and colour of the new tooth to your natural teeth. The result is that you are able to produce a radiant smile which our skills and expertise has produced for you and you can confidently share with your friends and family everywhere.

Modern technology and the general dentist

Technology has not only given us the smartphone, but general dentistry Glasgow has benefitted enormously too. The way that dental science has incorporated the latest technology into our equipment, and the techniques that have developed, allow us to deliver treatments that are more efficient and more comfortable for our patients. We are even able to conduct virtual pre-consultations with you so that we can assess your condition before you even set foot in our surgery.

So what is general dentistry?

Well, as the name implies, we are the providers of dental health care that you should be seeing more regularly than any other. Our primary focus is your oral health and the prevention of disease. A very large proportion of our procedures are either of a diagnostic nature, preventive dentistry or education. Regular six monthly routine visits should be part of your overall dental health regime. This forms part of our education programme and is probably the most important aspect of our work. We like to see your children from as young as one year old, so that they can become used to us and we can build a relationship with them. Your function in the preventive dentistry programme as a parent is to bring them in regularly and when we start to examine their mouth we can identify any conditions that may be manifesting. We can also instruct them in the proper way to brush their teeth, floss and generally introduce them to the correct dental hygiene regime.

What services does a general dentist offer?

Our general dentist Glasgow offers our patients the full range of preventive treatments, including X-rays, scans, teeth cleaning and regular examinations. Our restorative services include fillings, replacing or repairing broken, chipped, cracked or missing teeth. We also provide treatment for gum disorders, crowns, dentures, root canal therapy and the latest technology in dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry such as dental veneers and teeth whitening to produce a brighter smile is part of this area of dentistry.

More than just dental health

We can identify some underlying health conditions from a dental examination, such as discolouration of your teeth. This may indicate coeliac disease and some oral infections left untreated may lead to diabetes or even cardiovascular disease. You must include regular six monthly check-ups in your oral healthcare plan for your dental and medical health, as well as peace of mind.