Is teeth whitening in Glasgow right for me?

Teeth whitening in Glasgow is a popular cosmetic dental treatment that is now widely available within the modern field of dentistry, the whitening gel is used to remove signs of staining, eventually resulting in a whiter (and therefore happier and more confident) smile. Despite there being many varieties accessible on the current dental market our clinic uses a safe and effective formula to allow our patients to lift extrinsic and intrinsic staining from the surface of their teeth in a short amount of time. 


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Teeth whitening in Glasgow is just one common example of the extensive array of cosmetic dental treatments available at our dental surgery (a few examples of which consist of porcelain veneers, and tooth polishing). Essentially, cosmetic dentistry’s primary aim is to improve the physical appearance of a patient’s smile, when doing so however many cosmetic procedures positively affect both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the teeth.

What causes staining of the teeth?

Stained or ‘yellowing’ teeth are extremely common within the modern world and unfortunately can be experienced by patients of all ages. Despite this many of our patients may be unable to pinpoint the exact reason for their miscolouring, which is where we step in!

Do you frequently consume highly pigmented food and drink?

Many patients may be unaware that the food and drink they are consuming is massively contributing to the appearance of their discoloured smile. Therefore, to name just a few common examples of highly pigmented food and drink; coffee, curry, fizzy drinks, and red wine can all cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. In addition to dietary concerns, many negative lifestyle factors (such as excessive smoking) can also contribute to your mismatched smile.

Ensuring our patients achieve their dream smile, every time..

Choosing the right dental treatment for your unique dental case can be a tricky decision, this is why at our clinic within Glasgow we choose to adopt a patient-centred approach. Our collaborative, professional, and friendly approach to dentistry allows our team of dentists to treat every dental case as unique, this therefore ensures our patients achieve the best possible results for their smile.

Why choose us?

At our clinic within Glasgow we boast an impressive and varied team of dental healthcare professionals, every single one of our dentists is trained to take pride in the high standard of dentistry they provide at our surgery. In addition to our friendly team of dentists we also embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, using modern treatments allows our patients to achieve the results they desire to the highest possible standard.

A dental service you can trust..

Located on our modern and accessible dental website we display an extensive range of patient testimonials, these impressive and positive reviews can help our patients make the right decision for them (whilst gaining an outsider’s perspective on the services we provide). Just one example of our many testimonials states that they would happily recommend our services to their associates, which we believe is a credit to the excellent care we provide.