Improve your smile this Mother’s Day with Cosmetic Dentistry in Glasgow

The gift of joy

This Mother’s Day, whether as a gift or a treat for yourself – why not do something that really puts a smile on your face. Whilst chocolates or breakfast in bed may sound appealing, here at Dental FX we offer our patients something far more long-lasting and impactful. Through cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow, you can enhance and improve the aesthetics of your smile and boost your self-confidence. Let your true smile shine this Mother’s Day, by visiting our cosmetic dentistry specialists here at Dental FX in Glasgow for a unique, tailored cosmetic experience.


A whole new smile

One of the most highly sought after and popular treatments of cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow that we offer here at Dental FX is the installation of dental veneers. You may recognise veneers from the smiles of celebrities and movie stars alike, but they are actually a relatively inexpensive way of permanently remodelling your smile in a way which makes your teeth straighter, whiter and much more cohesive. All manner of people – not just celebrities – seek out veneer treatment to address a number of superficial issues to their smiles. Teeth which are slightly overlapping, discoloured, chipped or stained can all be completely reformed through veneer treatment.

Shining through

The basis of cosmetic veneer treatment involves binding a thin porcelain shell to the front of the patient’s teeth with a permanent dental adhesive. These shells become the exterior of the patient’s entire teeth, and fully restore any lost or eroded enamel. Prior to seeking out cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow from us here at Dental FX, patients must first undertake a consultation period, to assess their eligibility. This consultation also allows us to explain the basis of the procedure – which requires that a small amount of the patient’s existing enamel on their teeth is removed to allow the veneers to be attached. Those who opt for this method of cosmetic dentistry can often find it to have a massively positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence, as they no longer have to be concerned or embarrassed by superficial issues with their teeth and can let their smile shine to its fullest potential.

Cosmetic teeth whitening

Another one of our most sought after cosmetic treatments that we offer here at Dental FX, is cosmetic teeth whitening. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the amount of new patients seeking out cosmetic whitening across all age demographics – and numbers are showing no signs of dwindling. Cosmetic tooth whitening is a process designed to clean off any superficial discolouration or staining on the enamel of a patient’s teeth and leave them with a whiter, brighter smile. Here at Dental FX, we use a specialist peroxide-based whitening gel, which is placed within a bespoke, uniquely moulded retainer. This retainer is placed over the contours of the patient’s teeth, and the bleaching agent within the gel acts almost immediately. Often through ageing or certain lifestyle choices, the enamel on your teeth can become yellowed or dull. This can cause a degree of self-consciousness and embarrassment for some, which may explain why cosmetic tooth whitening has become so vastly popular, as it can fully restore your teeth to their whitest and let your smile and self-esteem truly shine.

Why is it important to visit our hygienists in Glasgow?

Visiting our hygienists in Glasgow is extremely important in order to maintain your oral health. Many individuals may wrongly believe that missing their local dental check-up with us is a minor thing, however this may not necessarily be the case. Maintaining a good level of oral health is key to preventing the development of further dental diseases, such as gum disease, and mouth cancer. In a dental check-up key areas of the mouth should be covered. A member of our dental healthcare team will track the health of each individual tooth, as well as assess and possibly advise an X-ray of the whole mouth. Visiting our dental clinic can help prevent the development of cavities within the mouth, and this might include advising a scale and polish which quickly removes any build-up of plaque or tartar.


Why do our patients visit our hygienists in Glasgow?

At our clinic in Glasgow, we understand that choosing a dental clinic to receive any form of dental treatment can be hard. Patients may decide on their chosen dentist based on a wide array of factors, such as finances, proximity, or severity of their dental case. We believe our dental clinic is unique, in the way that we offer dental treatments privately, and under the National Health Service. At our dental clinic we invite patients of all ages, and treat new patients in the same way as our loyal patients. Patients often choose us to receive their dental treatment due to our wide range of dental treatments.

At our dental clinic we are proud to offer general, restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic forms of dentistry. We pride ourselves in treating children with general dentistry requirements, as well as older patients for treatments such as dentures.

What can patients expect when they visit our hygienists in Glasgow?

During a hygienist appointment patients can expect to experience an overall assessment to detect the levels of plaque on the surfaces of their teeth, the risk factors concerning inadequate cleaning will be pointed out to the patient if deemed necessary. Once our dentists have determined the areas of concern and the level of cleaning required, special dental tools and paste will be used.

What is a hygienist’s role?

A hygienist is an educated individual who has undergone further dental training or education to specialise within this field. A dental hygienist’s role spans beyond a scale and polish in our clinic, it also involves education. At our dental clinic we pride ourselves in educating our patients on how to correctly look after their teeth, including brushing, flossing, and other tips.

Benefits of visiting our hygienists

Patients who maintain a high standard of dental health can expect to experience a reduced risk of tooth loss, as well as a lowered risk of cavities and tooth decay. Despite common misconception, maintaining a good level of dental hygiene can also help to maintain fresh breath, which can be a huge factor for some of our patients.

Nervous Patients

At our dental clinic in Glasgow we have a large number of testimonials from our more nervous patients extolling our successful dental treatments. At our clinic we boast a modern patient lounge, as well as a welcoming and passionate dental team.

How to get a new smile in Glasgow

If you have some troublesome teeth giving you pain or a crooked set that you want to straighten out, then stop by our practice and give yourself an oral makeover. Here are a few treatments we can use to help you get a new smile in Glasgow.



Our first method to help you get a new smile in Glasgow could be with braces. Through this procedure we would use a gentle application of pressure on specific areas of your crooked teeth to slowly turn them and make them look straighter.

Available to children and adults alike, having a neater smile can also have a number of health benefits such as reducing jaw pain, helping problems with speech and enabling proper access to all areas of the mouth for cleaning, thereby helping to prevent further dental problems.


Another treatment we could possibly recommend may be crowns. This involves the use of a prosthetic covering or ‘crown’ over the top of a tooth. We normally use this to cover any damage of a tooth or as a cap on top of a tooth that has recently been cleared of decay, as a way to prevent further cavities from occurring. The covering is custom moulded to provide a comfortable seal to the top of your tooth.

At Dental FX our highly trained team will shape and shade your crown to provide you with a natural looking replacement that will help restore your smile.


Similar to crowns, our team might suggest you try veneers to help cover any damage to your teeth such as chips and cracks in the enamel covering. Using shaped slivers of porcelain we can help restore your teeth to their previous pristine condition.

It’s a fairly non invasive procedure that is relatively short, so it’s perfect for fast repairs to teeth from accidents or injury.

 Dental implants

If you have any badly damaged teeth that are causing you problems or there are a few gaps that need filling in, dental implants may be the treatment you need. We use a porcelain prosthetic, attached to a sterilised titanium screw, as a replacement for the tooth you have lost or need removing due to damage. The screw is inserted below your gum line and into your jawbone with the goal of having the bone heal back around it over time to seal it in place and provide a sturdy bedrock for the implant upon which the crown can be fitted.

Teeth whitening

As we get older our teeth can start to lose that milky white sheen as they yellow and become discoloured. This can happen for a number of reasons, but it commonly tends to occur from things in someone’s diet, such as wine and coffee, or if they smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco based products.

In our whitening treatments we use a bleaching gel over the course of a series of sessions which you can have performed at the practice, or by yourself at home with one of our custom-made kits to slowly brighten your teeth. Whether it’s for that special occasion, upcoming job interview or just a little confidence booster, our teeth whitening treatments will help restore your smile.

These are just a few treatments that we have available to help you. If you would like to schedule an appointment to find out what we can do to put the dazzle back into your smile, then get in touch with our team.

What is general dentistry?

Many people struggle with the notion of having to see their dentist every six months. Can oral health decline in such a short space of time? The answer may shock you. Prevention is better than cure in our line of work, which is why we promote general dentistry in Glasgow to prevent small and irreversible dental issues from becoming larger ones, which could then decrease your quality of life.

general-dentistry-glasgowWho are we?

We are Dental FX, an established dental practice in Glasgow. We welcome all manner of patients and dental problems, from routine check-ups to more complicated procedures, such as root canals.

Why is general dentistry in Glasgow important?

Despite information being accessible to most, dental health often takes the backburner. Poor dental health might not be as fatal as other medical issues but neglecting your teeth and gums can have devastating consequences in the future.

Today more than ever, there is a keen focus on preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry starts with you prioritising your dental hygiene. By taking adequate care of your teeth, you are already improving upon the condition of your oral health. Brush twice a day, floss frequently and make the time to see your general dentist bi-annually.

What are common issues dentists see?

Everyday problems we see are, more often than not, preventable. As dentists, we try to instil the importance of flossing and brushing, not just to attain clean pearly whites but to protect the mouth from dental cavities and periodontal issues, like gum disease. The above-mentioned conditions are widespread, affecting children and adults alike – and the worst part is that they can be avoided with routine cleaning. If left untreated, these issues lead to pain, tooth loss, a changed appearance, and a loss of self-esteem.

When should general dentistry in Glasgow start with children?

Your children should be seeing our general dental practitioner when their first tooth erupts. Early exposure is important for two reasons; the first is that children develop a healthy and positive attitude about these dentist visits and second, by prioritising dental health from a young age, children are less likely to experience complicated issues as adults.

How you can spot tooth decay and gum disease?

Before you learn to identify these above conditions, you should know why they occur.

Plaque is a filmy substance that clings to your teeth and gums. The germs contained in plaque use the sugars found in food, to create an acid that attacks your tooth’s enamel and aggravates your gums. Using fluoridated toothpaste helps to remove most of the plaque in your mouth.

It is difficult to self-diagnose cavities because the early symptoms are easily missed. However, small signs include your tooth becoming dull or developing small brown spots.

Gingivitis is gum disease in its early stages, typically characterised by red and swollen gums that bleed easily, and persistently bad breath. If left untreated, the disease can infect the bone – which is why people who are suffering from advanced periodontal disease experience severe tooth loss.

If you are looking for a dentist to improve your oral health, come to our clinic for a consultation with our friendly, experienced and highly skilled practitioners.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is an extremely important part of dentistry. A dentist can only do so much, and much of the responsibility is on the patient. A good hygiene routine will require brushing at least twice a day, and flossing once a day, to ensure that all food and sugars have been removed from the teeth. It is crucial that this happens, otherwise bacteria can linger on the teeth and therefore start to produce acids, which is what causes decay. At Dentist FX, we want to ensure that you are well cared for, so we want to assess every part of your oral health, to ensure that your mouth is not only looking and feeling its best but functioning correctly and healthily too.

Mouth Cancer Screening in GlasgowSmoking

Smoking is another cause of poor dental health. Smoking can lead to symptoms such as staining of the teeth and bad breath, which can be undesirable if you are looking to improve your appearance. Smoking can also cause the loss of jawbone and gums, and can even assist with tooth loss, which can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Smoking can also cause mouth cancer, which can be extremely serious and potentially fatal, so quitting, or reducing the amount you smoke is in your best interest. If you are looking for a mouth cancer screening in Glasgow, then this is something that we offer. It is important to get scanned as soon as possible, and if you are a regular smoker, then to get scanned every now and then. In terms of a mouth cancer screening in Glasgow, Dental FX offer a professional service in the area, so if you are concerned about this aspect of your health, or have been a regular smoker, then it is important to get checked.

Other issues

There can be other issues that can be unseen, such as gum disease, that can contribute to health problems in the mouth. If you are experiencing blood when you have brushed your teeth, or receding gums, then these may be symptoms of periodontal disease. You should make it your number one priority to see us as soon as possible, as this can result in losing all of your teeth.

Build-up of plaque

A build-up of plaque can be a big factor in the deterioration of your oral health. Therefore, maintaining a good dental hygiene regime is extremely important. A scale and polish is ideal in this situation, as it can assist with removing plaque and tartar build-ups in the mouth that may have been unseen. If you are also interested in a mouth cancer screening in Glasgow, then this is also a service that we can provide, and is a crucial thing to be checking for, as it can be one of the most dangerous conditions of the mouth.

It is also important to get your teeth checked by us regularly. Any of the issues mentioned are often treatable if they are noticed early, and it is in fact the sustained neglect of the problem which contributes to their severity.

Why choose Dental FX to replace missing teeth in Glasgow?

Here, at Dental FX, we understand that losing teeth can be a very alarming experience, causing discomfort and lack of confidence. That’s where we can help! At Dental FX we offer modern solutions for your missing teeth. Whether it is for a single tooth or multiple teeth or indeed all your teeth, we have the answer! Perhaps you are looking for more information on having dental implants fitted? Look no further as we have over 20 years of experience fulfilling all your dentistry needs and are considered to be a leader in the field of dental implants.  Indeed, many of our patients travel from all over Scotland for us to replace missing teeth in Glasgow, knowing that we are committed to delivering a safe and quality service for all our patients.

Replace Missing Teeth in GlasgowWhat are dental implants?

Dental implants are a modern solution to replacing missing teeth. We simply place small metal screws, made of titanium, into your jaw in place of the missing teeth. Once established, the bone gradually bonds with the implants, creating a stable and secure base for artificial teeth. We can then fix crowns, bridges and dentures onto the implants in order to create a natural looking smile.

Dental implants are now the most popular choice for replacing teeth and here at Dental FX we can replace either one single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants can also stabilise and improve existing loose dentures or even fully replace them.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants give you the feeling and appearance of real teeth and provide support for your face so that your natural facial shape and smile are maintained, often taking years off your appearance! In addition, dental implants are not removed from your mouth like traditional false teeth. You will carry your new smile with you 24/7, just like the real thing!

Dental implants, if good hygiene is maintained, can last you a lifetime so that you never have to worry about missing teeth again. They provide a stable structure for replacement teeth in the form of crowns, bridges or dentures so that you can smile, bite and chew with confidence. Dental implants also stimulate the jawbone to grow, so keep your mouth healthy and strong.

Who are dental implants recommended for?

We are able to offer dental implants as a solution to most of our patients here at Dental FX, with the exception of children, as their facial and jawbones are still growing. If you are missing any teeth or have any issues with your current crowns, bridges or dentures, dental implants could be the answer you are looking for!

So if you need to replace missing teeth in Glasgow, get in touch with us here at Dental FX so we can talk you through your options to regain a natural, fully functioning smile that is all your own, giving you the confidence to carry out your life with a smile!

Repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow by asking your dentist about veneers

Our teeth take quite a lot of punishment over our lives and the toll of this daily wear and tear can start to show in worn down enamel, chips and cracks in teeth. At first you might think this is how your smile is destroyed, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of cosmetic dentistry, more specifically veneers.

If you have any damaged teeth, this is why you should be asking your dentist about veneers.

Repair Worn or Chipped Teeth in GlasgowWhat veneers are

If you have never had to book an appointment to repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow and aren’t familiar with veneers, then worry not. They’re essentially a small piece of porcelain that’s placed over your teeth to cover up any damage, staining or gaps. Think of it like hanging a poster over a crack in your wall.

What does the procedure involve?

The process of having a veneer fitted is pretty simple. Your dentist will normally examine the area then match the colour of your teeth for the porcelain cap to ensure a natural looking cover. An impression of your tooth will be taken, and the area will then be cleaned, and a small section of enamel will be removed. Then a porcelain cap will be placed over your tooth and it’s fixed in place with an adhesive.

Is it painful?

A lot of people tend to be put off by treatments if they think they are going to be painful or too invasive. Veneers though are non-invasive and although you might feel some mild discomfort when your enamel layer is removed, the rest of the treatment should be relatively pain free. But, at Dental FX we ensure that the process of being fitted for veneers is quick, easy and stress free and our dentists will strive to provide you with the least amount of discomfort possible.

Are there benefits?

If you’re booking an appointment to repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow, there are a lot of great benefits to take advantage of with this treatment.

For one, the cap is easy to clean. Just brush it like you would the rest of your teeth, although be careful not to press too hard as you could dislodge the prosthetic. This also applies for flossing and mouthwash, don’t pull too hard with floss and stick to a low PH brand of mouthwash to avoid damaging the adhesive on the cap.

Another is that the treatments are pretty fast, which means you won’t have to spend too much time sitting in the dentist’s chair. The cap is also very durable, so there’s no need to continually come in to check it, but that doesn’t mean you can skip your 6 monthly check-up.

These are just a few interesting facts about veneers. So, if you’re looking to fix up your smile, repair worn or chipped teeth in Glasgow then contact your practice today and see what your dentist can do for you.

Chipped a tooth in a fall? Repairing worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

If you are the type of person who thrives on playing football at the weekends or enjoys a game of rugby in your spare time, chances are you may have damaged one or several of your teeth.

In today’s society, even the most cared for teeth are not immune to becoming cracked or worn and if your worn or chipped teeth are in need of repair, there are many options available to you.

Repair worn and chipped teeth  in GlasgowIssues that can arise from chipped teeth

Unfortunately, even a small chip in a tooth can cause an issue if left untreated. Our dental team at Dental FX are experts in repairing worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow and have seen the consequences of not getting a worn tooth examined at an earlier stage.

Chipped teeth are weaker than unchipped teeth and can cause pain or issues with sensitivity when consuming hard foods or warm and cold beverages. Though a chip may appear minor, leaving it untreated can cause other bits of teeth to break off, potentially exposing the inner parts of the teeth. Not only does this cause intense pain, it can lead to more serious complications like infections and abscesses.

Treatment options

Luckily, repairing worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow is not a difficult process in most cases and typically can be completed with one dental visit. Our team of dentists at Dental FX treat many chipped or worn teeth everyday and can easily help you regain complete function of that damaged tooth in no time.

Fillings and bonding

If one of your teeth towards the back of your mouth has a crack or chip, your dentist will probably opt for a composite filling, these are easy to place and are largely unnoticeable.

If your chip or cracked tooth is more towards the front of your mouth, your dentist may recommend dental bonding. This uses a tooth coloured composite and is stuck to the affected tooth with a mixture of gel and adhesive. Once moulded, it is set in place and hardened using ultraviolet light. This procedure is exceedingly simple and can be completed in one visit.


When a large part of your tooth has broken away, your dentist may choose to place a crown on the damaged tooth. Depending on which tooth has sustained the damage, crowns can be made of either metal or porcelain.

An imprint of your tooth will be taken, and you will be fitted with a temporary crown until a permanent one is fitted within the following two weeks.


If one of your front teeth is chipped, veneers are a quick and easy way to disguise the damage. To fit it correctly, your dentist will take impressions of the tooth and your veneer will be created in a specialist laboratory. It will be attached to the tooth up to 2 weeks later using a special bonding material.

Need to repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow? Visit us now at Dental FX.

Are you ready to repair worn and chipped teeth?

Are your less than perfect teeth wearing your confidence down?  If you are struggling to maintain a golden smile through natural wear and tear, or possibly something like a sports injury, it could be time to visit us at Dental FX to repair worn or chipped teeth!

Worn and Chipped Teeth in GlasgowThere are various options available to patients that are suffering with, and needing to repair, worn or chipped teeth, but one thing is for certain, the sooner you contact us the better!  Apart from being sensitive and very painful if the nerves are exposed, your teeth can be vulnerable if left in this condition for too long and cause further problems to your oral health down the line.

So what are my options when treating this problem?

A small chip can be sorted out very easily, usually in just one visit to our dental practice.  If the problem is at the back of the mouth, a filling will suffice.  Whilst a chip at the front of the mouth may need a treatment known as dental bonding. This treatment allows the chip to be treated via the bonding of natural tooth coloured resin, which is then hardened with a special light.

But what if a larger section of my tooth has come away?

Never fear, a larger chip can be solved too with dental crowns. These are the perfect way to repair teeth that have been made weak from decay or broken during a hectic game of hockey or football!  Crowns can be made from various materials such as porcelain or metal and are simply a tooth-shaped cover that is attached to your tooth.

With this treatment, one of our dentists will remove a layer of the tooth’s surface, but ensuring that the strong inside is left.  Our dental professionals will make a mould of the prepared tooth and it will be given to our technician to make a bespoke crown. You may have a temporary crown put in place whilst your final one is being crafted.

What about unsightly chips in the front of my mouth?

Veneers are a superb option for worn or chipped front teeth and you can also experience the joy of having these made lovely and white too if you have all the front teeth replaced! This winning solution can help with a number of issues at once by changing the colour, size and shape of the tooth.

Now take that dental chip off your shoulder and out of your mouth!

Hiding your smile behind your hands, and feeling ever more uncomfortable in social situations, is not how any of us want to live our lives.  But help is at hand, due to the marvellous, dental innovations available nowadays. So why not give us a call so that we can discuss all the options available to you. With a great home oral hygiene regime and regular check-ups, there is no reason why your new smile can’t last for years to come!

Two ways to get your teeth looking lighter

Here at Dental FX in Glasgow, we like to offer two ways to get rid of stains to make your teeth look lighter and brighter.

Teeth lose their pearlescent luminosity over the years because of what we eat and drink. If you are partial to several litres of tea or coffee a day, or if you like to relax with a glass of good red in the evenings, then you increase your chances of staining your teeth. Particles of pigment from these drinks, plus various other highly pigmented foods and drinks get lodged in the pores of tooth enamel. Tobacco, of course, is another big offender.

Teeth Whitening in GlasgowTucked away like this, they can’t be removed with a good brushing and flossing. Over time, the staining builds up.

So, how to get rid of these stains? Well, you can choose between two methods:


This is a great way to remove stains that our hygienist uses. Airflow uses a gentle jet of air combined with fine particles and water to gently remove hardened plaque. It also removes stubborn stains without any scraping.

You may well find that once your teeth have been given the Airflow treatment, you don’t need to get them whitened. But if you do still want teeth whitening, then we also have that on offer.

Teeth whitening

This treatment works by lifting stains out using a gel containing hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient.

The first step with teeth whitening is to get bespoke gel trays made. To do this, we need to take impressions of your teeth. We can often make impressions and have them ready for you that same day. So, you could come into Dental FX in the morning and get your take-home kit on your way home from work. You put the whitening gel in the trays and wear them over your teeth for a short period every day. Generally speaking, it takes about 2 weeks to whiten your teeth.

Intrinsic discolouration

Sometimes your discolouration is in the tooth structure itself, and it can’t be removed. In this case, we would recommend veneers as a way to hide this problem.