Teeth whitening: the perfect smile booster for your summer holiday

With the recent unseasonable cold snap, many people’s minds are drifting to the summer holidays and the chance to visit sunnier climes. Everybody wants to look good in their holiday snaps, so if your smile is making you frown because of tooth discolouration in staining, why not come into our Glasgow dental practice for a teeth whitening consultation?

teeth-whiteningHow teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening – when performed by a dentist – is a safe, predictable, and gentle way to remove common stains from your teeth. Our teeth are very easily stained by our modern lifestyles; drinks such as red wine, cola, tea or coffee can cause staining of the teeth. Some medical conditions and medicines also result in tooth staining, and the results can make you miserable.

With teeth whitening treatment, a special dental bleaching gel is used to gently and safely remove these everyday stains. It works on both surface and more deep-seated staining, and when you come to our Glasgow practice for a consultation your dentist will first assess the nature of your tooth stains to check that whitening is the best treatment. Permanently discoloured teeth may benefit more from alternative cosmetic dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers.

At Dental FX in Glasgow, we offer home-based teeth whitening treatment. You will still need to see a dentist – indeed, it is important to remember that a dentist is essential for whitening treatment because to do otherwise risks your oral health – who will examine your teeth to ensure that you are suitable for whitening treatment.

Impressions will be taken of your teeth in order for your teeth whitening trays to be made. At our Bearsden dental centre we offer a same-day, as-you-wait service. You need to place a small amount of whitening gel in your trays and wear them overnight for approximately two weeks. The result will be a beautiful, bright white smile.