Stain resolution with airflow techniques

We’ve always done our best at Dental FX to provide the newest and most convenient treatments to our patients. Let’s talk more about our airflow Glasgow system and how it can help you.

Our early adoption of an airflow Glasgow system makes us uniquely positioned in the local area.

General dental staining

When it comes to dental staining, there is a spectrum of severity and causes. But they can all be categorised into one of two groups, the extrinsic on the outer surface of the tooth and intrinsic that penetrated relatively deeply within it. Whitening typically includes two major branches of stain removal; one is chemical and relies on altering the state of strongly coloured compounds in the tooth. The other is abrasion, grinding the outermost surface of the tooth, resurfacing it like a particularly aggressive scale and polish where a small amount of enamel is deliberately removed and the underlying enamel is polished to a high lustre.

Airflow treatment is an alternative to both of these methods, carrying out abrasion techniques in a way, but using fine particles accelerated in a jet of high pressure air.

What is it like to have Airflow treatment?

All treatments start with a pre-assessment to ascertain their usefulness to the patient and make sure you’re getting a procedure that will genuinely help you achieve your goals, regardless of whether they are for aesthetics or for better oral health.

Cleaning using this method can be completed in a very short time, less than 20 minutes. It is a very powerful technique considering how quickly it is performed, thus we can give a convenient option for rapid results.

Air polishing or micro sandblasting is a non-invasive technique not requiring pain-relief or preparations like oral dams.  Airflow Glasgow techniques are only appropriate on extrinsic staining; you may require a combination of both airflow techniques and traditional gel-based chemical lightening in order to fully achieve the shade change you desire.

Financing care

Our team has always attempted to run an inclusive practice, understanding that dental costs play a significant role in the type of care that patients engage in. We don’t think any patient should avoid or mitigate their health for the sake of their bank accounts. Therefore we provide in-clinic financing on all treatments over a set value. Our primary provider allows the form that can finance our patients to be filled online, so that you can be cleared for funding before walking into a clinic.

Finance for patients

This allows you to be assessed for financing in the privacy of your own home. You only have to confirm your ID using a credit or debit card and after details are completed approval can be gained in 10 to 15 seconds, allowing you to proceed in any care you wish, confident that the costs are covered.

If you are having any issues with this process or accessing finance via this method, please feel free to get in contact with our clinic. Our staff will be happy to guide you through any issues you might be having. If you would prefer, the applications can be made at the clinic before the start of treatment.