Take control over your smile and let us repair worn and chipped teeth in Glasgow

Get your smile back

Here at Dental FX, it is our mission to help all our patients find their true smile, and the confidence needed to use it. Anyone looking to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow can rely on us fully to provide a comprehensive, restorative dental treatment that is unique and tailored to each and every patient’s needs.

We understand that all smiles are unique, which is why we always adopt a bespoke approach to those looking to restore the aesthetics of their smiles.

Why repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow?

Besides the self-evident cosmetic disadvantages of having worn-down or chipped teeth, there are also numerous other long-term health problems which those who need to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow may suffer from.

Your teeth are largely made up of enamel – which is actually the strongest naturally occurring material in our bodies.

However, despite being made from dense and tough material, your teeth can chip for a number of reasons – be it accident or trauma, or just general wear – and if this happens you should waste no time in seeking out help from our experts here at Dental FX.

Even if you have the smallest chip or crack in your tooth this can lead to serious dental problems such as decay or abscesses, as bacteria can slip into the newly formed crack and quickly develop into an infection. If this happens then more extensive dental treatments are often required which take far longer to administer than a simple restoration.

What sort of treatment for chipped or worn teeth is available?

As with all things dental, everyone is different and the treatment which any patient receives for worn down or chipped teeth will largely vary, depending on the extent of the damage or the condition of their smile.

For this reason, we always advise those who require dental repairs for damaged teeth to visit our practice for an initial examination to allow our experts to determine the extent of treatment you require.

If you have only a small chip in your teeth, we can often fix this in just one sitting by using a dental filling or tooth-coloured composite. However, if you have a large portion of tooth missing, it may require more extensive treatment to get your smile back in shape – such as a dental crown or veneers.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are often used on patients who have lost a larger portion of their tooth or if their tooth is decayed, and acts as a cover that is attached over their tooth to give it a better aesthetic – and restore its functionality and strength.

At Dental FX we provide our patients with a choice of material for their crowns – including metal (which is the strongest) or porcelain.

Often metallic crowns are best used if the chip is at the back of a patient’s mouth, whereas porcelain crowns are favoured for chips at the front, as they look the most natural and unobtrusive.

Because crowns must fit perfectly over a patient’s existing tooth, they must all be custom made and therefore can take up to two weeks to create – although our dentists regularly apply temporary crowns which are to be worn whilst a patient’s permanent one is made.