Teeth whitening in Glasgow

At Dental FX, we are proud to be a premium provider of Teeth whitening in Glasgow, based in Bearsden, close to the city of the centre. We have several tooth whitening options; these are techniques which are separated into chemical or bleaching and abrasion or friction techniques.  Bleaching techniques chemically alter any staining on the teeth and the enamel, so it makes teeth appear whiter, whereas abrasion techniques involve grinding off any material which may have stained beneath the enamel and a few microns of the top enamel itself, revealing a fresh unstained layer underneath.


Any other patients who are curious about Teeth whitening in Glasgow are given a standard check up before options are discussed.

Bleaching techniques are most appropriate and treat intrinsic staining; intrinsic staining is where the enamel or perhaps even the dentin underneath has had an alteration. This could be due to the build up of food and drink by-products, a genetic condition or from a darkening of a ’dead’ tooth.

Extrinsic staining is caused by material which has firmly attached itself to the enamel. This could be tatar, which is the calcified form of plaque that is significantly darker than your natural enamel.

Not only does the type of staining need to be taken into account when we approach Teeth whitening in Glasgow, but we also need to know the medical history of the patient. If you have a history of sensitive teeth, this can be exacerbated by certain whitening techniques. The thinning of the enamel which has allowed for teeth to become sensitive to temperature would be aggravated by the use of abrasion techniques, which inevitably removes some enamel during the procedure.

If you have a sensitivity to the peroxides which are the active ingredient of the bleaching gels, the chemical bleaching methods may be inappropriate and although all efforts are taken to ensure gels do not come in contact with your gum, if you have an allergy or sensitivity, you may be susceptible to a reaction.

If you are curious in seeking out teeth whitening for either yourself or a family member, we are happy to answer any of your further questions. If you contact the clinic, you will be able to receive advice which is tailored to your needs, rather than speaking broadly and generally in terms which may not be applicable to your medical situation.

There are also options where we can facilitate home teeth whitening techniques, using trays made in our clinic. This allows you to make use of the gradual bleaching that you get from lower concentration home gels but still using a well fitting, personalised bleaching tray. This ensures a more economical use of the gel, by eliminating unnecessary tray filling and reducing the chances of chemical  burns.

Another important aspect to discuss with our dentist is your expectation; would you wish to engage in a teeth whitening regime that has immediate effects, or would you prefer a gradual lightening of your teeth over time in order to have a more natural and seamless change in your appearance?  These are important conversations to have before starting any treatment and we will tailor our approach to match.