The importance of why you should visit our hygienist?

Do you know why it is critical that you visit our hygienist Glasgow for scheduled dental cleanings? It is surprising how many patients believe that they do not require professional dental care when it comes to their oral hygiene.

Here’s the thing: for some patients brushing and flossing on their own are not enough to secure optimal dental health. It has been known for food bits, trapped in awkward spaces in the mouth, to escape the attentions of the toothbrush and floss thread. When these bits of food aren’t effectively removed, the situation is set for the accumulation of bad oral bacteria which form stubborn deposits on the tooth’s surface, resulting in cavities and gum disease.

At Dental FX, we place much emphasis on helping patients to good oral hygiene and encourage all patients to visit our hygienist Glasgow for regular dental cleanings.

In this post, we will look at some of the benefits of a hygiene appointment.

Great reasons to visit our hygienist Glasgow

Optimal dental health and function largely depend on two critical foundations: the maintenance of strong healthy teeth and healthy gums. It is the focus of preventive dentistry and the dedicated efforts of a well-skilled dental hygienist to protect the lifelong health and function of teeth and gums.

It is outside the scope of an ordinary toothbrush (even an electric one) to get rid of notoriously resistant plaque and tartar deposits. Only a professionally trained hygienist with the appropriate dental instruments can scrape these build-ups off enamel and from below the gum line.

Get personalised reliable dental advice. Over time patients invariably adopt bad lifestyle habits that threaten their oral health. They may have been brushing their teeth all their lives but many patients aren’t aware of the right and wrong ways to clean their teeth. Bad habits include using excessive force when brushing that can actually erode enamel and lead to cavities. Unhealthy diets and smoking are other lifestyle habits that can have severe adverse consequences for oral health.

During a dental hygiene appointment, patients can check with the hygienist whether they are applying the correct techniques when brushing and flossing. A hygienist can also advise patients on the best ways to secure optimal dental health and which areas need a bit of tweaking to achieve it.

In addition to prolonging the lifespan of natural teeth, the attention of a hygienist also promotes gum health. Rehabilitating states of advanced gum disease is long and lengthy so it is always best for a patient to take preventive measures to avoid the onset of gum disease. A hygienist can tackle those difficult-to-get-to parts where bad oral microbiomes love to thrive.

Has it been a while since you saw a dental hygienist? Would you like to reduce the possibility of tooth loss or avoid complex dental treatment down the line? The best way is to attend routine dental hygiene appointments. Contact our front desk team at Dental FX to book your appointment with a friendly dental hygienist and protect the look of your smile.