What is teeth whitening in Glasgow?

Teeth whitening could be argued as the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry within the modern world of dental care! Tooth whitening could be considered as the perfect cosmetic solution for patients who are suffering from stains (which can occur through the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink), in addition to lifestyle habits such as smoking.


What makes our services unique?

Teeth whitening treatment at our clinic uses a special bleaching gel, in addition to bespoke custom-made whitening trays which are used in combination to gently and therefore safely remove stains from the surface of the teeth.

Is teeth whitening in Glasgow right for your unique dental case?

If you are an individual who is, unfortunately, suffering from yellowing, discoloured, or generally stained teeth, then tooth whitening could be the perfect cosmetic dental solution for your smile. Within the modern world of cosmetic dentistry, there are a wide array of teeth whitening treatments and brands that are now becoming widely available, despite this however at our clinic within Glasgow we use a trusted brand which produces long-lasting and professional results for our patients.

So… what are the alternatives?

At our clinic within Glasgow, we not only offer our patient’s tooth whitening, but we also offer a treatment commonly referred to as ‘airflow’ that essentially uses compressed air which removes plaque buildup, in addition to extremely stubborn stains from the surface of the teeth! In addition to airflow however, we also offer both porcelain and ceramic veneers. Veneers are extremely popular within the field of cosmetic dental care and are a perfect solution for patients who are suffering from teeth that cannot be amended through the use of teeth whitening.

What are the benefits of receiving teeth whitening in Glasgow?

In addition to feeling fantastic with your newly restored self-confidence, teeth whitening at our clinic can also be offered as a same day service. Teeth whitening is considered as an excellent option for patients who need to resolve the appearance of their smile in a short period of time whilst doing so in both a safe and professional manner.

Why choose our Dental FX clinic to receive your cosmetic dental treatment?

At our dental clinic within Glasgow we have heaps of experience within the field of cosmetic dental care, our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals specialise within a vast array of fields, whilst administering a high standard of dentistry within a clean, modern, and welcoming dental clinic. We understand that there is rising popularity within the field of dental care which is why we believe we offer a superior standard of dentistry that stands out amongst our competitors.

How to get in touch with a member of our dental team..

If our experienced dental clinic looks like it could work for your unique dental case then you may be wondering how to get in touch with a member of our dental team. Located on a modern and therefore easily accessible website we not only provide our patients with our direct telephone number however we also provide an online appointment form, in addition to our email address which can be found on the contact us page.