Why it is important to repair worn and chipped teeth

Dental enamel is widely acclaimed to be the hardest mineralized tissue found in the body, and yet, the robustness of sturdy materials have their limits when subjected to excessive external forces. The impact of a blow to the face can not only knock out a tooth from its socket but also result in damaged teeth.

The most obvious negative consequence of teeth that are worn, chipped or cracked is that they are unsightly. But the danger does not stop there – there are also valid oral health concerns that need to be considered, which is why we encourage patients to seek appropriate dental care to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow.

At Dental FX, we offer a range of treatments dedicated to helping patients repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow so that they benefit from stronger teeth, improve the appearance of their smiles and reduce the likelihood of bad oral bacteria reaching sensitive parts of their tooth structures.

Treatment plans to repair worn and chipped teeth Glasgow can consist of fillings and dental bonding to dental crowns and veneers. We take a closer look at what these types of treatment plans involve and the benefits they offer.

Treatment types to repair worn and chipped teeth

Small chips in teeth can be effectively treated with fillings and dental bonding. Our experienced dental practitioner can match the colour of the composite material to be used as filling for the rest of the patient’s teeth so that it is less noticeable when teeth are exposed.

These fillings are more suitable when chips are found in teeth positioned at the back of the mouth. Our dentist will first clear out any decay present and smooth out rough edges before proceeding to fill in the chip. Filling chips in the enamel is a safe and quick procedure that can be accommodated within a single visit.

Dental bonding may better suit chips in teeth positioned at the front of the dental arch. Once again, a tooth-coloured composite can be used in this process to make the treatment less obvious to other people. A gel will be applied to the site of treatment, after which our dental practitioner will apply an adhesive followed by the bonding material. This substance will then be skillfully manipulated to resemble a natural tooth, and ultraviolet light will be used to harden the material. Like fillings, the dental bonding procedure can also be completed in one visit to our dental clinic.

For larger cracks in the enamel, a dental crown (also referred to as a cap) may be more suitable. These caps, made from composite material, metal or porcelain, can fit snugly over the affected tooth, hiding imperfections and boosting tooth strength.

Another option patients can look at to repair their teeth are veneers. Veneers, often used to hide blemishes of teeth at the front of the dental arch, are wafer-thin coverings made from either porcelain or composite resin material that cover the entire surface of the tooth.

For a dental clinic offering modern treatment plans to restore patients’ smiles, choose Dental FX. For more information on how we can help you to achieve a beautiful smile, reach out to our front desk team and set up an appointment.