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For Dentists

We have been established as a referral practice since our formation in 2006, since when over 50 dentists regularly refer patients for the services listed below.

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Dental implants

All aspects of implant dentistry are carried out at the practice, and we accept referrals for any stage of the implant process, including implant placements, bone grafting, sinus grafting and implant restoration.

Many dentists refer for the surgical stages only, and carry out the restorative stages in their practices, and to this end, Stephen runs many courses at the practice, including restorative courses, for those who wish to be trained in these procedures.

Periodontal / Restorative Treatment

We are happy to carry out periodontal treatment on your patients, from the treatment of actual disease to more aesthetic procedures such as soft tissue grafts and crown lengthening surgery. Periodontist Gareth Calvert attends Dental fx twice a month and he welcomes Periodontal and Restorative referrals including the following:

  • General periodontal disease, including contemporary treatments
  • Gingival recession
  • Root coverage techniques, including the use of connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts and the use of alloderm or similar regenerative materials
  • Peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis

Please email for more information.

Advanced cases

Any patient that a dentist feels that they need help with would be gratefully accepted as a referral. These typically involve multi-disciplinary cases including prosthodontics, implants, perio, ortho etc.

CT Scanning

The installation of our E-Woo Pax Duo Cone Beam CT Scanner has been a major addition to our armamentarium. The image quality has been admired by our referring dentists. One to one tuition on the manipulation of the images will be provided. Please email and we can forward the Justification sheet to you.

The machine provides outstanding quality of OPT's and referral are accepted for this.

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