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Old/Metal Crowns

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In previous years you may have been fitted with metal crowns and you are now interested in having these replaced in another type of material. It may be the case that you have had your crown/s for many years and it is now time to have new crowns fitted.

So, what exactly is a crown? A crown can best be described as an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of your tooth (after the dentist has prepared the tooth), making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. You will probably be aware that a crown is sometimes also known as a 'cap'.

Crowns can be made of a variety of different materials and new materials are continually being introduced. Some of the most popular options are listed below.

Porcelain bonded to precious metal: this is what the majority of crowns are made from. A metal base is made and then porcelain is applied over this. The result is a good, strong, tooth coloured substitute for your tooth.

Porcelain: these are crowns which are made entirely out of porcelain (no metal) and are not as strong as bonded crowns. But porcelain crowns look very natural and are most frequently used for front teeth.

All-ceramic: this is a more recent technique which offers a metal-free alternative, which can give the strength of a bonded crown and the appearance of a porcelain crown. It is therefore suitable for use in all areas of the mouth and we have found that this is a very popular choice for many of our patients at Dental fx.

Gold-alloy crowns: gold is one of the oldest filling materials. Today it is used with other metal alloys to increase its strength, which makes it very hardwearing and long lasting. These crowns are either silver or gold in colour but when you are perhaps looking to replace metal crowns which you have in your mouth at present, your choice would most likely be to move to porcelain or all ceramic.

At your appointment at Dental fx we can chat to you about what you are hoping to achieve and we will be able to present various options which would be suitable for you.

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